March Madness @ TMHPR

It seems the sports world is consumed with the NCAA March Madness . . . 
But at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) we are experiencing our own March Madness.  (As are rescues all over the US.)

March means the beginning of Spring . . . and the beginning of kitten and puppy season.  This sadly means that there will be more Mamas and babies who need rescuing in the upcoming weeks.

How can you help?

1) Foster

Nora was rescued from a shelter this week with her baby Nibbles.  Now safe and thriving in a foster home, this pair will not have to try to survive in a shelter.  And a nursing mother means we can possibly save other orphaned kittens.

Do you have an extra bedroom where you could keep a mama and litter safe?  Do you have a corner of your living room for a couple of cute puppies?  Saving lives is such a rewarding experience!

Nora & her sweet 8 day old baby, Nibbles.

2) Donate

Brady & Harper are almost 10 weeks old now.  They are alive because of our donors.
They eat donated puppy food, play with donated toys and snack on donated bully sticks.  All of these donated items were lovingly purchased by donors who love animals and want to help the cause.  Whether donating gently used dog beds, purchasing from the Amazon Wishlist or donating through PayPal using the Donate button on our website . . . . you are helping save lives.
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Brady & Harper’s pregnant Mama was rescued from the streets.
They were born safe & healthy in a foster home.

3) Volunteer

Meet Olivia.  Olivia was taken in off of the streets when a Good Samaritan was begging for TMHPR to take in this pregnant Mama.  This Good Samaritan was feeding Olivia in order to try and keep her alive until help could be found.

You see, Olivia was being chased by the neighborhood kids.  Hit with sticks and dodging the rocks & bricks that were being hurled at her.  Our volunteers could not fathom such hatred and lack of regard for a dog’s life.  There was no hesitation.  She had to come to the shelter.

Olivia meeting our dog whisperer, Mark.


Before the night was over, she knew he was a friend who would not hurt her.

Olivia will give birth in the upcoming weeks.  They will be born in a safe and warm environment where they will be loved.  Our volunteers are awesome.  We are not super heroes, we are just dedicated to loving the dogs and cats in our care.

Please consider becoming a volunteer for TMHPR.  We would love to know more about you and your gifts that you can offer TMHPR.  Please fill out a volunteer application at



No matter how you are able to help TMHPR, we thank you.
And the dogs & cats thank you.

Thanks from Chief!!

Here he is in his Forever Home.  Taken from a shelter with a gunshot wound to the face.  He is now living the good life.

A huge THANK YOU from Fitzroy!!

He was able to take the no more puppies pledge on Friday.  His puncture wounds have healed nicely and we are now waiting for his hair to grow in.  He will be ready for adoption very soon!


And a very big THANK YOU from Marshmallow, now Buddy!!  

Buddy will never be abandoned in an ice storm again.  He has found his forever home with former TMHPR dog Noelle.  

(Note:  Buddy did confirm, this is his best side.)


From all of us at TMHPR, thank you all for your support and encouragement in the work we are all doing.  We couldn’t do it alone.

For more information about our organization, please visit our website at

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