March 9th: Pupdate – All About Rhett

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Today we are showcasing one of our sweetest and most lovable pups, Rhett.

We can’t, for the life of us, figure out why this boy has not been adopted.

He has had plenty of fabulous applications, but never quite the right fit.

And as you understand from yesterday’s Pupdate, we are all about the PERFECT fit.

Rhett was born quite the looker. He knows how to pose.
Rhett and his litter mates were born on October 28, 2015, just days after his Mama Emilia Clark was rescued from the country in East Texas.  It was a rescue just in time because East Texas was hit with 16 inches of rain just days later.
Emilia's Puppies
The entire litter seas just adorable. The hound/terrier mix made for some adorable babies.
As it turned out, Rhett went to a Foster Home with his sister, Ripley.  Ripley was quickly adopted and that left Rhett waiting for his Forever Home.
Puppies Cuddling
Rhett & Ripley cuddling in their Foster Home.
Rhett is one laid back guy.  Here he is riding out the storms that hit North Texas the day after Christmas.  Ummmmmm . . . . .  yes, his neck is fine.  Seems he would sleep like this quite often.
Silly Rhett Sleeping
Rhett loves a good sleep. No matter where he is.

See . . . just looking at the photos make my neck hurt!

Silly Rhett Sleeping
Rhett loves his foster brothers & sisters.
He is very comfortable with both the canine and feline type.

Rhett is just looking for a Forever Family to call his own.

And he couldn’t be cuter!

Sleeping Puppy

He attends Meet & Greets on Saturdays, but his family has yet to come and find him.  But, he is not giving up!
Until, his family comes to meet him . . . .he will snuggle with his foster brother, Scout.
Rhett Cuddling Foster Brother
Scout will be sad to see Rhett be adopted, but he knows that a Forever Home is best.
As you can see, Rhett is growing fast.  His Daddy was a full blood Hound; and Rhett has inherited his long legs and hound dog ears.

But, he also inherited Mama Emilia’s terrier face and gentle spirit.  Rhett loves to be near his people.

Rhett & Scout
Rhett & Scout

Rhett will do better in a home, not an apartment.
He is going to be a big boy, between 70 – 90 lbs.

And he talks, like most hound dogs do.  And he is precious.

Rhett and his Foster Mom!
Rhett and his Foster Mom!

So, Rhett says he is good with waiting for that wonderful Forever Home that everyone is talking about.

But, sometimes he just wishes that it would hurry up a little.

Rhett loves the couch
Just look at that face!
Just needing a little cuddle and lots of love.

Rhett is available for adoption through Take Me Home Pet Rescue.  Please help Rhett by sharing his story on Facebook, email or Twitter.  This adorable boy deserves the very best Forever Home.

To adopt Rhett, or meet him, please fill out an Adoption Application on our website.

2 thoughts on “March 9th: Pupdate – All About Rhett”

  • Rhett is wonderful. I would take him in a minute but he is going to be too big for us.I am looking for a smaller terrier/hound mix female.

    I recall on one of the websites seeing that Rhett had a sister that was colored lot like him but had more of a terrier look and might be smaller. But I can’t find her again anywhere and am starting to wonder if I dreamed her into being?

    If you have her, can you tell me about her? size? age? training? temperament?

    Thank you!

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