March 6th: Fletcher’s Story

Fletcher attended his first Meet & Greet last weekend at our Adoption Center.  We figured we could work him in for a few hours before we officially made him available online.  Just to kind of see how he would do in the environment.

The first time he arrived at the Adoption Center he was a quiet boy who wanted to meet new humans, but did not eat.  No matter what we would put in front of him . . . no luck in getting this 5 lb, very skinny, clearly hungry boy to take a bite.

Ears down, eyes dark.  He wanted to make us happy, so a little cheese here or there, but nothing of substance.  Oh, and he had RAGING bad breath.  But, that didn’t stop us from loving on him.  We kept him wrapped in a blanket because he was shaking from the cold.  Yep, had to go digging in the photo studio for a sweater to keep him warm.

But wait . . . .

His story starts about 48 hours prior.  This was Fletcher . . . . living in the backyard of his “owner’s” home.  This is what Animal Care Officers found . . .

Fletcher, matted so severely that gender was unknown, wind could not reach his skin and he did not have full mobility of his limbs.

Soon he was incarcerated, but smiling.  Walking in a way that his feet touched the ground, instead of hair and his limbs had full range of motion felt so strange.  But, he was still happy. His punk hairdo made him just kind of cute.  Kind of.

Here is what we found when we went to check out sweet Fletcher in the clinker.  His little 5 lb body was shivering at the shelter.  We couldn’t help but climb in there with him and scoop him up.  He stopped shaking for a moment.

Okay, so back to the first day he came to Take Me Home Pet Rescue.

He landed in a fabulous Foster Home who did all they could to help him after his neuter and DENTAL.  Remember those teeth?  Well, 12 fell out of his mouth during his dental cleaning; and 10 more had to be extracted.  I never knew a miniature poodle had so many teeth!

We’re still raising the funds needed to cover Fletcher’s dental procedure and other necessary vetting such as his neuter surgery, vaccination, testing, and more. If you can help donate towards his medical costs, please click here.

Doesn’t he look great?  I mean is hair is growing out, his mouth has healed and he is beginning to eat hard food again.  And he is so happy!

Fletcher loves kids.  He lights up when his human foster sisters come in the room to play or to offer a treat for sitting so nicely during his photoshoot.  He loves to play and loves to be near his human family.  He also LOVES riding in the car.  So, he would make a GREAT carpool companion.

Fletcher had a GREAT 1st Meet & Greet on Saturday.  He was rolling all over the sofas scratching his back and jumping on his foster dad.  And he loved meeting all of the visitors!

Fletcher is now ready for his Forever Home.  To find out more about him, please visit our website and read all about him.

He is going to make a wonderful addition to a Forever Family.

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