March 30th: Bonded Kitties Look for Forever Home

Bonded kitties are the best!  Have you ever tried to introduce kitties to each other?

The time.  The energy.  The introductions.  The hissing.  The spitting.

But, two kitties are so much better than one!

Meet Luke & Libby!  A bonded pair since before birth.

Mom Linzee gave birth last April 16th to five adorable kittens.   Luke takes after his dad and is going to be a good sized adult and Libby takes after Linzee and is very petite.    I am pretty sure they are the cat version of fraternal twins.

They have always been so very close and do not do well apart.   At one point we thought maybe they could be adopted out separately and tried.  It just did not work.  They need each other. 

Luke and Libby to fabulously with the other felines in the home!  And they do great with canines as well!!  Resident GSD, Beau helped raise them when Mama didn’t really know what to do with all 5 babies.

You see Linzee was not a natural mom.  She really was not sure what to do with the five little ones she had,  so the German Shepherd was their nanny.   He bathed them and looked after them from the second day of life to this day.

Luke is a retriever!   He loves to play fetch.   Libby is all girl and finds that too athletic for her.


Libby would rather be curled up with her foster mom while Luke runs after the ball or toy he is using for his game of fetch.


Both are still have a lot of kitten in them.   Although they are almost a year old,  they still act like they are 6 month olds.  

Both sleep with their foster parents every night.  Libby prefers to be under the covers or giving kisses.  Luke is happy to just be in the bed, close enough for snuggles.

These two are an active pair who will need toys and playtime with their new forever family.   And 99% of the time they are either playing together, curled up together or touching in some way while napping.

These babies have been waiting for their Forever Family to find them!  Could that family be yours?  Please visit our website to find out how to meet Luke and Libby this weekend at our Meet & Greet event at our Adoption Center from 10 am – 2 pm.

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2 thoughts on “March 30th: Bonded Kitties Look for Forever Home”

  • We’re interested! Just lost our beautiful girl in December and would like to fill the void. We’ll come by on April 22 to investigate. We have two tabbies already and lots of toys.

    • Hi Norma,

      After waiting quite some time, Luke and Libby have finally found their forever homes. However, we have many other cats and kittens available for adoption, so we look forward to meeting you on the 22nd!


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