March 2nd: TMHPR Pupdate – Fitzroy

This month, the month of March is dedicated to . . . Fitzroy.
March is known for celebrating the Luck of the Irish.
And we believe March 2016 to be Fitzroy’s month.
With everyone working together, we can find his Forever Home.
Fitzroy is never far from his “people”
TV on, dinner cooking.  Fitzroy is right there watching your every move.

He is really not looking for anything crazy or bizarre.
Just a family to call his own.

He doesn’t get under foot as you prepare the meal, like some dogs.
In fact, he typically naps as you whip up the evening meal.


Fitzroy is a rather easy going guy.
When his world is predictable.  He needs a predictable home.  And we know those are out there.
Fitzroy loves to chill outside.
Outside where he can watch for birds, chase ball or
just kick back and hang with his person.


Fitzroy can chill inside.
Have a teen who loves to sit and play on the phone?
Fitzroy is there to monitor the chat.
Favorite past time is video games?
Fitzroy will help you reach that next level, without ever asking,
“When you are going to get up and do something productive?”


Fitzroy loves to get dressed up.  He really loves his shirts.
They are a must when he is outdoors.
He has scars on his back that must be protected from the sun.

More about Fitzroy’s wounds when he came to TMHPR on these blog posts:
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Once Fitzroy is comfortable in his own backyard, he will even chill on his own.
Laying in the breeze watching for the next bird to land in his yard.

Fitzroy enjoys having a friend in his home.

Someone to run with, play tug with and chill with.

(Yes, all of those statements ended in the word, “with”.  I break grammar rules and I am comfortable with that.)

Fitzroy’s buddy, Grimes, came to stay with him just a few weeks ago.
They were fast friends and love spending time together.
Grimes is waiting for his forever home too.
Fitz loves socks.  He does not deny it.
He needs a home who doesn’t mind this thievery.
I mean, look at that face!
It’s just a sock or two!
Fitz loves a good nap.
He won’t deny that he loves the couch, bed, massive bean bag or the back of a chair.
You gots to be good with a cat napper all over the house, to have a Fitzroy.


Fitzroy loves stuffed animals.  Ummmm, not in a  good way.
Fitz loves to “unstuff” them.
Well, stuffing is not good for the GI Tract, so sticking
with “stuffless” toys is the way Fitz must go.

Fitz is not much of a party go-er.

But, he does enjoy a small gather.
Having the ladies over for book club?
A little wine night out by the fire?
A small boys’ night with some barbecue?
Fitz is onboard for the fun.

Just nothing to rowdy.  He is too mature for such loud and wild nights.

Fitz has the nose for a deep red.
Or even for a crisp white.
Fitzroy also loves a trip to the Dog Park; and attending Doggie Daycare.
As silly as his anxiety can be toward new humans.  He really enjoys other dogs.
Fitzroy at the Barkway.
Big dogs can be a bit intimidating for him at first.
Again, Fitzroy making friends at the park.
Small to medium dogs are more his style.
And who couldn’t love a snuggle bug with those ears!

So, many times our dogs are looking for a home with an active lifestyle.  Take them on outings.  Enroll in agility.  Take them on hikes . . . . 

Not this time.
Fitzroy is in search of a family who is at home.  One who is of a slower pace and tends to be more on the quiet side.  Someone who truly enjoys having a dog as a companion at home.
We are amazed at how loving this boy is, after all he has endured.  It is time that we focus on finding his family, his Forever Family.  Please share his story, so we can give hime the Forever Family he deserves.
Please share his story.
Sharing is how adoptions happen.

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