March 27, 2018 – Foster Opportunities

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) currently, has a few fabulous foster opportunities for new or former fosters.  We currently have three wonderful dogs who are in need of new fosters for various reasons.  We are looking for families who may be willing to open their home to these dogs.

TMHPR is NOT a shelter, instead our rescued pets live in foster homes.  Our homeless dogs and cats come into the rescue, decompress at our Adoption Center while receiving any immediate medical care they need.  Once ready, they then enter a Foster Home, where they learn what it means to be a loved pet, even before finding their Forever Home.

This structure allows our volunteers and fosters to get to know the pet so much better than if they were in a kennel environment.  It also allows them to become a part of a canine pack, human family and learn the sounds and routines of a home.  And they transition SO much easier into their Forever Home.

It also means that we can ONLY save as many as we have fosters for . . . . so we cannot say YES, to a dog in need, until we have an open foster home.

We have some fabulous foster opportunities.  These dogs have been in wonderful foster homes and now need a different TYPE of foster home to help them along their journey to a Forever Home.

Opportunity #1:  Be a part of Ollie’s Journey

Ollie is an 11 month old Plott Hound mix, who has come SO far in her first foster home. She has also recently gone live on our website, meaning she is available for adoption. She was found very scared and shut down in a rescuer’s backyard during a rainstorm, hiding under a tarp.

Her current foster loves this sweet girl, and her dogs have helped Ollie gain confidence. But, she knows it is time for Ollie to move on to another home where she can continue to blossom and become the BEST dog she can be.

Ollie has done fabulously, but she really needs a foster home with more activity and children who love and respect dogs. Ollie has visited other active foster homes and did very well with the dogs, so we’re looking for a foster home with another dog and children to allow Ollie to flourish.

Ollie loves car rides, so she would be fabulous in the school carpool lane. She would love to go to baseball practice, soccer practice and for walks to the park.  To find out more about Ollie, please click here or her photo above.

Email me at if you could open your home to this gentle girl as a foster or foster to adopt.

Opportunity #2:  Buddy Needs A Place to Crash

Buddy is just a big teddy bear! And he is looking for a place to crash for just a bit.

His current foster adores him; however, she is working to help another dog who has fear issues . . . . so we are looking for a place for Buddy to hang out until we can find his Forever Home.

Buddy is super laid back and easy. He loves being outside enjoying the weather and just wants to be a companion to you and have you pet him. He also loves car rides.

He does have a strong herding instinct and will try to herd children, dogs, cats, etc. if they are running, so a house with a lot of activity would not be optimal for Buddy.

Do you have a quiet home, with a great pack that Buddy can join for a bit? We would ALL be so grateful!

Click here for more info on Buddy, or his photo above.

Foster Opportunity #3:  Homer’s Next Step

Homer was brought to TMHPR when he was just about 5 weeks old.  He was found by a Good Samaritan when she found him abandoned next to a dumpster at a local 7-11.  It was clear that he was a little guy who had been taken from his Mama and canine siblings much to soon.

We had a volunteer and trainer, who was kind enough to take this orphan into her home to help him get socialized and learn to be a dog from her wonderful pack.  (Sounds like the makings of a Disney Movie.)  And that is what the last month has been all about in Homer’s little world.  And now he is ready for the next step in his little journey.

As you can see, he has come along way in his first foster home.  He is now about to go live on our website and is old enough to attend adoption events, so he needs to move to another foster this weekend.

Homer will need a foster home with another dog who will continue to show him the ropes as he grows in confidence. This is your opportunity to foster the cutest little Lab Mix!!  He has had a fabulous start . . . . now he just needs a great place to grow and be loved.

These dogs are all wonderful and would easily fit into a foster home or a foster to adopt home.  Please visit the Foster Section of our website for more information about fostering.  We provide all of the supplies, medical care and promotion online.  You just provide love, time and space to a dog or puppy in need.

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