March 25th: So Much Good News!

We love sharing the good news with our followers.

With so many sad stories to tell, Razoos to write and the endless requests for help . . . focusing on the Happy Beginnings and tales of fabulous supporters keeps us all going!

Ian – Happy Tails

(Contributed by Ian’s Foster Mom)
After nine months, Ian has found his Forever Home!

He came to us with an injured eye & underweight.  After lots of loving care, food, and eye surgery, his “quirky” personality began to show.

Ian loves the bowtie his Mama has bought for him!

Not only was he fun, fun, fun; he preferred his foster DOG sister over his cat foster siblings.  We knew it would take patience to find the perfect home for a dog trapped inside a cat’s body.

Ian’s new family! They love cats & so do their BIG dogs!
Fast forward to now, he is living with a wonderful young couple and their two Belgian Malinois dogs.  This great couple reports that Ian is adjusting nicely.  He loves to look out the windows from his cat tower and actually has been chasing his big brothers a bit!  Both dogs are getting used to having the little guy around.
He is quite the charmer, says his new mom.  Mom works at a vet office, so Ian may get to take some field trips some days.  Dad has taken to calling him Snake Plissken, after Kurt Russell’s character in the movie, “Escape from New York”  (who wore an eye patch).  LOL!  I can see how this fits his fearless, go-getter personality!
I am so excited this couple found Ian and are giving him the best home he could have!

Tabby Kittens – New Intakes

So, there is a cycle to this whole fostering and adopting world.  We get new intakes, fosters help them heal physically, mentally and emotionally.
Then they are adopted by families who want to give a homeless pet a Forever Home.
Then the cycle begins again . . .
So, when you adopt a pet, you usually save two lives.  The life of the pet you adopted AND the life of the new pet that goes into that foster home.
Well, the cool thing here . . . . this family saved 4 lives.  Ian was saved.  And because he was adopted, it made room for KITTENS in his foster home.  Three tiny tabby kittens.
Fostering & Adopting saves lives!

Sharing Donations – Dog Beds

The world of rescue is rough.  Balancing the care of the “hard cases” and those dogs that are not as sick and can be adopted rather quickly.  Taking the Mamas and the Daddies, not just the puppies.  So, it is nice when rescues can work together.
One of our rescue friends, Kelly Bond, whose rescue is Roadtrip 4 Paws offered to share an amazing donation of dog beds that she had recently received and had in storage.  We were so thankful!!
Do you know how a rescue dog feels when they receive their first soft bed to sleep on?
Going from the hard cement of a kennel in a shelter . . .
Or the dirt of a field where they encounter ticks, fleas and ants . . .
Their face of true relaxation and thanks, as they feel the comfort of a soft bed that is all theirs.
Thank you for sharing your donated beds!  Berklee, our volunteers and our rescue animals all thank you!

Fundraiser – Tonight

Join us tonight at Four Bullets in Richardson for a night of music, pizza, raffle items and beer!
Bring yourself, a friend, a lawn chair and CASH for Take Me Home Pet Rescue!
Sit back and enjoy a beautiful night!!
Please share our good news with others.  These Happy Tails don’t happen without YOU!

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