March 24th: Kitten Explosion!

Been a while since we had the opportunity to take in new kittens.  But it is the beginning of Kitten Season 2017 . . . and it has started with a BANG at Take Me Home Pet Rescue.

We experienced a Kitten Explosion . . . on National Puppy Day!!

Intake of new animals is hard.

It is emotionally, mentally and many times physically draining. And that is describing how the rescuers and the volunteers feel, multiply that by 100 times and that is what the animals are feeling.  Let me explain from a person standpoint for a moment.  I know, it is not MY blog, but I am the one writing . . .

Kitten Explosion: 3 tiny tuxedos were SAVED

So on Wednesday night, we make the commitment to take on 17 kittens and 1 Mama.  (NO, not all kittens belong to one Mom.)  Small shelter in deep South Texas where you would not even begin to believe the intake numbers in one day.  It is heartbreaking to hear.

So at 5 am on Thursday morning they begin their trek.  Then, they will meet up with a volunteer from The Love Pit in San Antonio who will allow 18 cats/kittens to hitch a ride.  He is an angel!  He literally agreed to take 17 crying kittens from San Antonio to Dallas.  Stopping along the way to give them water and food.  (Did I mention he is allergic to cats?)

Kitten Explosion: 3 Brown Tabby Babies

They arrived at 6 pm.  Each litter in a different kennel.

Kitten Explosion: Six in the Calico Litter

The smell was not good.  It was ripe.  Kitty cat urine x 18 plus cat food is not a pleasant smell. Not enough oil diffusers spewing eucalyptus oil could cover that smell, but that didn’t keep us from trying.  (Yes, for you oil experts out there.  We do diffuse in our Adoption Center.  If you have something for us to try, we take samples, donated oil and free advice.)

Kitten Explosion: 6 babies belonging to the Siamese Mama

The kittens were mostly all wet and needed baths.  The tiniest of the travelers were the 3-4 day old kittens who came with their Siamese Mama, eyes not even open.  They resembled wet baby rats.  Clean up began immediately.

But, for the older kittens food, water and litter boxes were first on the list.  We had crates set up with all of the necessities, so when they arrived, they would have space and the comforts that a rescue can provide.

It was so fun to watch the personalities emerge.  Some were “hangry” and food was immediate.  Low blood sugar is such a scary thing with kittens.

Others needed the moment to burn off a little energy.  It was a long car ride in a kennel and toys and climbing the literal walls was a good thing to see.  Spunky could describe most of them.

Baths were started and blow drying fur was a necessity.  No getting cold and shivering for these little guys.  (We did realize that our only puppy/kitten heating pad is broken, so we will have two of those listed on our wish list!)

We were able to get all 72 paws cleaned up and smelling, well better.  We do run out of hot water at our facility rather quickly, so full baths began to dwindle to “dips” and longer soaks could occur in their foster homes.  The clock was ticking and beginning the decompression process is very important for the “littles”.


Mama and her 6 babies are reported to be relaxed and hanging out in their very calm foster home.  (Calm, unless the mailman is at the front door trying to get mail into the mail slot.)  Babies are nursing and Mama is having a MUCH better time of things today.

See proof . . . that is a kitten who is out like a light!

I know, I know, photos can slow upload times.  But, come on!!

Tuxedos are reported to be happy.  I mean have you ever seen such long whiskers?  Okay, yes, Mr. Whiskers and Colin.  But on kittens?

Tabbies will have a visit to the vet today,  This little guy (or girl) had a bit of a goopy right eye.

Oh, did I mention determining gender is not easy on kittens?  I learned this last night.

There was lots of looking, examining, asking for others to look and blowing on, well parts to get the hair to move out of the way.  I think maybe out of 18 we have 3 determined . . . . one being Mom who gave birth.  I did that one.

The 3 tuxedos, we have 2 that are a “fairly certain” and a “ummmm, I think”.  All others were, “oh heck, I don’t know” or “we can name them after they go to the vet”.

The calico bunch snoozing last night in their foster home.  Long day.  Full bellies.

Okay, so not all were ready for bed.  Just a little long new foster mom.  Just a few more cuddles and reassurance that tomorrow won’t involve crates, carriers, car rides or bad singing.

Today, the humans are tired.  No lie.
We all went home and bathed with scalding water.  The smell, well it is still in our noses.
But, the photos of the kittens that are safe, clean and happy, makes it all worth it.

Now it is your turn . . . .  we need:   (1) fosters  (2) Proplan kitten food  (3) heating pads (4) volunteers to help find homes for all of these babies and (4) followers friends and family to share our stories.  Without our donors, followers and friends we can’t make it happen.

Our website provides info on adoption, fostering, volunteering and our daily donation needs. We have an Amazon Wish List.  Check it out!

Kitten season is here.  And it has exploded at Take Me Home Pet Rescue!

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