March 23rd: National Puppy Day

It’s National Puppy Day!!!

So, naturally, Take Me Home Pet Rescue wants to share some of our current puppies who are available for adoption or will be very soon!

But, that is not all . . . .

Have you adopted a puppy from Take Me Home Pet Rescue?  Show us how your rescue puppy has grown into a gorgeous & loved rescue dog!

Leave a comment on our blog post.  Or, post a photo in the comments section on Facebook that includes the name of your pet and when they were adopted.

Ben & Jerry Puppies

Every puppy we have met loves taking a ride to Starbucks for a Puppachino.  The little guy above is Pumpkin Cheesecake.  He and brother, Chubby Hubby (shown below) are the last of the Ben & Jerry puppies looking for their Forever Homes.

These boys are a large shepherd mix breed and so very calm and loving.  For those who don’t remember these puppies and their mother, Buttercup were rescued out of an abandoned house in South Dallas.  Boy, what a fabulous change in life!

Carwash Puppies

Remember our pitiful puppies who were dumped in a box at a carwash?  The four girls were found to have a horrible case of sarcoptic mange.  They were infested with fleas and were dipped in motor oil, an attempt to kill the mites.

We named all four females after superheroes.  Jesse Quick,  Harley Quinn, Raven and Oracle were going to have to be super courageous and strong to make it through treatment of all that ailed them.

Did we mention the worms?  The parasites? And the lack of hair?

Well, here is Raven now.  Super hero for sure!  She is strong, happy, healthy and loves her foster family.  Sister, Harley Quinn found her Forever Home last week!  Oracle and Jesse Quick are also still waiting for their Forever Homes.

Sierra & Puppies

The tiniest of our puppies were rescued just about a week and a half ago.  Mama Sierra had her nine babies in a drainage pipe in the Dowdy Ferry area.  Not going to be able to survive in that horrible part of town, rescuers trapped Mom and brought her in.

As you can see, Sierra is about done with this full-time nursing gig.  She is ready to close up the milk bar and find a fun filled life of her own.  The babies still have some time to do a bit of nursing, but clearly they are ready to start on gruel.

And look at them go!!  We will be looking for puppy foster homes very soon!  Not sure about fostering?  Check out our website to learn more.  It is such a rewarding experience.


Olive was one of the lucky ones.  She was found abandoned and injured out on a country road.  Had she fallen out of the back of a pick-up truck at such a young age?  Or dumped when she became too much “work” for her owners.

A Good Samaritan took her in and then turned to social media to help find her a new home. One of our rescuers agreed to meet her and foster her for TMHPR.  Olive is truly a silly, silly girl who loves other dogs, humans and mini-humans.  Olive is celebrating National Puppy Day with a roll in the grass and a new tennis ball.


Yep, Lincoln has made the blog once again.
Cause he is THAT cool.

We did a full blog on Lincoln and his incredible knack for lounging.  He is a laid back pup who loves to play, but has made lounging his own art form.  His foster recently shared this photo of Lincoln lounging in a whole new way.  After some fun puppy play, Lincoln climbed up into the patio chair and looked as if he were enjoying a cold beer.

No worries, it was not HIS beer.

Now, don’t forget to share a recent photo of your Take Me Home Pet Rescue puppy that you adopted!  Facebook, Instagram and our Blog Comments are open to you!

While today may be National Puppy Day, we urge you to be on the lookout for tomorrow’s blog.  Rumor has it, there will be a Kitten Explosion today at Take Me Home Pet Rescue!

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  • I just wish I could greet my dog a Happy National Puppy Day. But she’s all grown up now. But still she is a puppy to me, so I will still greet her anyways, haha. As a treat, I will take her to the local park and I will let her run there to all extent and make her feel how she does in a wild, haha.

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