March 23rd: A PUPPY Pupdate

Pupdate (1)

We have the most amazing volunteers & fosters!

I know, I know, I say it so often that it almost becomes cliche.  But, Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) would not be the rescue organization it is today without the hard work and dedication of our fabulous organization.

Here are just a few examples of why I continue to say this Day After Day.

Cash & Franki


Socialization is so very important for our puppies.
However, their feet cannot touch the ground, outside of their home &
yard until they have had their 2nd round of shots.

So, our fosters take them to stores with carts.
Home Depot, Lowes and other gardening stores are great places
for these babies to meet people and learn all kinds of sights and sounds.


Cash loves looking out the window.
He is requesting a Forever Home “with a view”.


We love that our fosters have wonderful children who teach puppies that
“little humans” can be kind and gentle.  And in turn, the puppies learn to be
kind and gentle.  Cash would love to have “little humans” in his Forever Home.
They give great belly rubs.


Franki also loves “little humans”.
She has learned that napping with “little humans” is pretty great.
These “little humans” tend to be on the floor than the big ones.
Always good for lots of giggles and kisses.
Final Four Puppies


Ellie is learning that she loves to help with chores.
Her favorite, SOCKS.  She has no thumbs, so folding is a challenge.
Foster Mom found 4 socks hidden in Ellie’s bed yesterday.  Silly Girl!



In foster homes, we are able to learn the true personality of a puppy
that a shelter just does not allow.
We have learned that Heidi needs a forever home where she will be a part of a pack.
She loves to share beds with the resident dogs in her foster home.


Heidi missed her brothers and sister so much
when she first went to live with her foster home.It has been so good for her to learn that other dogs and people are great too.
Here she is smiling, while playing outside in the sunshine.


Kodiak took his “no puppies” pledge yesterday
and had a wound on his back sutured.Here he is in the car, a little woozy and hoping dinner
will be made available very soon.

Our fosters do an amazing job getting our
dogs vetted and ready for forever homes.



Kuma has been at TMHPR for just a few days now.
He has been to the vet for his intake vetting (volunteer transported).And yesterday one of our volunteers got him out of the Adoption Center
for a trip to Home Depot, Petsmart and Sonic!  Kuma is learning
all about life in his new world.  And he is blossoming.

Kuma is ready for a foster home of his own.
Do you have room and time for this sweet boy?



Rich has a nose that is just SO VERY kissable!
This boy has been in a foster home all of his life and will make an amazing family pet.



Tigris is a beautiful girl who is currently living at the Adoption Center.
She is heart worm positive, so she is not able to go for strenuous walks for running.But, she loves outings.
So, one of our fosters/volunteers took her to a track meet yesterday.
And she LOVED it!  No barking, no whining, no cowering.
She smiled, grinned and beamed with pride as she hung out and met so many people


Tigris loves car rise and does love to go on walks.
She also likes to give big hugs when she hasn’t seen you in a while.Tigirs is not certain of dogs just yet.
It will take her time to learn that dogs can be fun playmates.
We can only guess what kinds of dogs she encountered in her former life.
Or none at all, so she just has not been socialized.

We have learned that she has a love for teen age kids.
She loves to watch them skateboard when we are out on walks.
It is like she knows that those guys would be so much fun to run and play
a game of chase with.  Again, we do not know what her home life was like
in her prior life, but some young man must have been good to her.


And of course, we want to share a Pupdate of a pup who has found Fabulous Forever Home!

Pupdate on Maggie May (fka Rylie)!


Maggie May has a fabulous backyard where she has made lots of new friends.

From pack life on the streets of Dowdy Ferry,
to a safe home in Oak Cliff with some fabulous Dads.

FullSizeRender (1)

Maggie still doesn’t enjoy car rides.  But, her fear is getting better.
Here her Dad is working on another step in the process.
Just sitting in the car, eating turkey.He thought she would be impressed with the convertible on a sunny day.
By the look on her face, Maggie is not impressed.  Just keep that turkey coming, Dad.

FullSizeRender (2)
Maggie May loves her new pack.  Here she is standing on her brother Jackson.

Jackson was so sad to lose a pack member last December
and Maggie has helped him out of his depression.

She has also helped herself to his toys.
The latest game, hide Jackson’s toys in Maggie’s bed,
so he can’t find them.  Boys are so gullible.

Thank you to Maggie’s Dad for sending the update.  Our volunteers and fosters invest so much into these babies.  We love seeing how they continue to love life in their forever homes.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and fosters who make TMHPR a fabulous organization.  It is because of you that our dogs are so well socialized and loved while they wait for their forever family to find them.

You guys ROCK!

If you want to know more about volunteering or fostering, please visit our website at and click on the Support Tab.
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