March 21st: Pupdate – Check Out the Newbies!


Well, Spring has sprung here in Texas!
The cats are having kittens.
The dogs are having puppies.
And the need for rescue is ever increasing!
Meet some of the newest dogs who have found their way to Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  They are pretty darn cute and are going to make some very excellent family members.
Meet one of our newest and very loved dogs who is available for adoption!
A very fancy name for a gorgeous and loyal boy.
Rocky LOVES the water hose.  And he loves to hang out on the sun deck in the pool. He is just a bit uncertain that he actually wants to do the full swimming thing.


Did I say, “very loved AND available for adoption”?  Seems like I said that wrong, huh?  I assure you, I didn’t.



You see Rockefeller was born about a year ago, our best guess.  His Mom had stopped at a gas station and noticed a car full of teens who were hanging out and they had two small puppies with them.  They were quite happy to give them up, and she was quite happy to find them good homes.


She found a great home for Rockefeller’s brother and chose to keep him.  And he is so very loyal to her.  He listens to her commands and loves to hang out with her when the kids go to school.  They complete yard work, play with the hose, eat lots of yummy beef jerky and take naps inside.


But, when the kids come home, Rockefeller must go in a crate in the other room.  He is a working breed, so he works to herd them, control the loud outbursts and it just drives him insane that they are so darn active.  So, his Mama loves him so much that she wants to find him a more suitable home.



Rockefeller is so smart!  He obeys his Mom so well, but others, he is not so keen to follow their instructions.  So, we are packing his bags and sending him to Circle Star Pet Resort on April 1st!!
He is going to learn so much while he is there; and in return, we are going to find him a FABULOUS family.  If you are interested in a beautiful, smart and loyal boy who will be well trained, then Rockefeller may be a great fit.
We are looking for a family who will stick with his training and help him find a job.  Maybe agility classes, rally classes or making him a great running partner.
He will need a home where someone is home more than not and he will get plenty of exercise.  His bio and glamour shots are already online.  Just go to our website and check him out under Adoptable Dogs under the ADOPT tab.
Meet Kuma.
He is our own “little bear” who has come to TMHPR by way of “the sticks” of Oklahoma.  He may not have been born in Texas, but he got here as soon as he could!

This sweet and cuddly boy was found in a rural area of Oklahoma, left behind in a yard to fend for himself.  He was one of the lucky ones to survive the neglect.


At about 7 months old, this little guy is always smiling and LOVES the attention he gets from volunteers.  He is ready to find out what it means to be loved by a family of his own.


Kuma needs a foster home of his very own.  Do you have the time to dedicate to this sweet boy?  Visit our website to find out more about what it means to be a foster to a wonderful dog or cat for TMHPR.

Now, for a true PUPDATE . . . .
Do you recognize this boy?


He was found all on his own out in the country.  We were quite lucky when a Mama Dog allowed him to come into her litter, so he would not have to be bottle fed.

We knew him as Cowboy.  He was the puppy who could make the most pitiful face, without even being sad.  In fact, he was the puppy who helped us gather so much dog food when we were running dangerously low.


2015-10-23 15.58.23

Cowboy is now known as, Charlie.  He is quite the happy boy who has grown up to be an adorable and beautiful boy.

We love seeing our puppies all grown up!

If you have adopted a TMHPR dog, please send updates to  We love sharing their Happy Lives with our volunteers and followers.

For more information about TMHPR, please visit our website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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