March 21: Thank You (Part 2)

What an amazing opportunity we were presented with when chose Take Me Home Pet Rescue to be the recipient of donations from their local distribution facility.  The goods are not out of date, simply have damaged packaging and cannot be sold.

(This blog is the 2nd part in a 2 part series regarding this particular donation.  The 1st Part can be seen here.)

So, on the ride home from the distribution center, we made some phone calls to those who work with the street dogs in the Dallas area.  Individuals and rescue organizations who feed the dogs, gain their trust and then transport them from the streets into rescue.  (One of those individuals saved Astro from the streets of Houston.)  It did not take long for them to come by to fill up their vehicles with the much needed food.

We also have a good number of volunteers who care for feral cat colonies.  We were able to share a van full of canned food with at least four different cat colonies.  This food takes the cost burden off of these individuals who work to provide food for these cats.

On Friday morning, we loaded up the pick-up truck and headed to South Dallas.  Astro came along for the ride.  He was the Lucky Charm of Street Dogs as he delivered food to those kind humans feed the street dogs in their very own neighborhoods.

First Stop:  Teagarden

This is the area of South Dallas where Tia was found in 2015 living under a carport, being ignored in the pouring down rain.  She has thrived in her Forever Home, now known as Gabby. (See Tia’s story here.)

A Good Samaritan in this area feeds the homeless dogs and feral cats in the community.  Trap & Return (T&R) services, food and a safe place to live is a huge part of what he provides the dumped cats in this area.  He was so very grateful as we loaded him up with food for both cats & dogs.

Astro had heard that the cats run the streets, and don’t take kindly to new dogs in the area. He insisted he stay up high, so the felines couldn’t gang up on him.  The time off of the streets has softened this boy!

Second Stop:  Dowdy Ferry Area

This is Bill.  He is an angel to the dogs who are dumped near his home.  He feeds them, works to gain their trust and then keeps them safe until a spot in a rescue opens up.  We were able to bless him with dog food for the strays and photo updates of Haley, Elliott and others he has had a hand in saving.  (Read about Elliott & Haley here.)

This man has a heart as big as Dallas and it is made of pure gold.  His own three dogs adore him and teach the strays that humans can be trusted.

Astro didn’t feel the need to get out of the truck.  He was once dumped in an area much like this, he preferred the comfort of the air conditioned vehicle.

Third Stop:  St Augustine Area

Meet Steve.  He is another angel in human clothes.  He is quick witted, loving to all of the dogs who cross his path and was in shock when we blessed him with bags upon bags of dry dog food.

But, the giving didn’t stop there.  Wet food . . . . . for the Mama dogs who are trying desperately to feed their babies.

Steve has been instrumental in saving so many on his street. He alerted us to Hope & her babies and Cyrus, to just name a few of the TMHPR dogs he has saved.  He is an amazing man. And his gratitude was evident in his teary eyes.

Astro showed his gratitude by watering one of Steve’s trees.  It has been a long drive!

Fourth Stop:  Can’t Forget the Feral Colonies

Just one more stop to visit an amazing woman who is the voice of so many dogs and cats in need.  She also works endlessly educating the community about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.

Astro can’t help but agree with the need to spay and neuter.  And he didn’t mind giving out all of that cat food either.  He just knew all of the attention was on him.

Last Stop:  Paul Quinn College

One last stop, the food dropped off at Paul Quinn College will be stored and used by a Dallas rescue to help with their community outreach.  Their goal is to help educate and provide resources to the local community, to help them become responsible pet owners.

Paul Quinn has been instrumental in providing young leaders to help with this outreach.  The college also provides meeting places for the rescue and task force.  This partnership is instrumental in making a change in South Dallas.

A HUGE thank you to for making all of this possible.  You have touched so many lives with your generosity!  We are truly grateful!


Astro was quite pleased with himself.  And he was proud of the work Take Me Home Pet Rescue had done.  Slinging heavy bags of dog food and hauling cases of cat food is no easy task.  He was just happy he doesn’t have thumbs, so no heavy lifting for this boy!

Astro’s day had included chewing on peanut butter filled hooves, antlers and  . . . . well, he may have found a little mischief in the back seat of the truck.

On a serious note, Astro is in need of heartworm treatment.  His time of the streets and being “owned” by someone careless has meant that he is heartworm positive.  This is an expensive treatment, but we don’t shy away from the hard cases.

If this adorable & silly teddy bear of a dog has touched your heart or tickled your funny bone on his journey to finding his Forever Home, please consider donating to his medical care via his Razoo. Every little bit gets him closer to a healthy and happy outcome.

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