March 20: Thank you, (Part 1)

Take Me Home Pet Rescue had an AMAZING week last week!!  We want to say, “Thank you” to so many!  We had a fabulous fundraising event at Chipotle, amazing adoptions AND this amazing donation from!!  No really, wait until you see it!


So, it seems that has recently opened a distribution center here in the DFW area. The facility is incredible!  It is big and beautiful and did we say, BIG!!!

But, before we get to that point . . . . seems that when any company receives product into their facilities, there is always product that is damaged.  Punctured bags, dented boxes and packaging that is mis-labeled.  So, what are they to do?  They can’t ship it to customers.


And somehow we were lucky enough to be contacted to receive the damaged items.  (One of our volunteers made an acquaintance during her day job and provided the Take Me Home Pet Rescue information as a possible recipient.  And they contacted us!)

Delivery Day

We didn’t know what to expect.  Our new friends at said there were seven pallets of product.  How much is that?  What would it include?

So, we rented a truck, took a couple of pick-up trucks and a van or two to find out.

We arrived and the employees from were amazing.  And they thought our volunteers were pretty incredible as we dug into the pallets and started loading.

Cat food here, dog food there . . . . cat tree, crates, it was like Christmas!!

Dry food, canned food, load it up quickly!

Ummmmm, are those potty pads?  Do they know how many puppies we have?

Woo Hoo!!!

How blessed are we?  How excited?  How amazed!
Do you know how many street dogs and feral cats this will feed??

We are so very thankful to
We are thankful for volunteers.
We are thankful for opportunities.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue is known for sharing.  We share our resources, our knowledge and our manpower.  And it is no different with this bounty.

Click here to learn about the many that were blessed by this donation.

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