March 19th: Lounging with Lincoln

Lincoln is an adorable pup who has been waiting patiently for his Forever Home.  He is in an amazing foster home where he has learned how to be a loved, spoiled and well trained puppy. His foster mom says that Lincoln is easy to love . . .

Adoption Counselors at Take Me Home Pet Rescue have an important role.  They are the volunteers who work to review incoming applications and help find the right fit for that potential adopter.

They look for the “perfect match” between adopter and available pet.  It is with the help of our fosters that the adoption counselors are able to understand and net to know the dogs and cats within our organization.

Lincoln, his foster brother Pumpkin Cheesecake and Alum Izzie all wait patiently for a treat. Such great manners!

Lincoln’s foster, quite often shares photos within our volunteer organization of Lincoln. It has become a common theme that he is often lounging.  It has become a highlight of sorts to see where Lincoln is lounging today . . . and very often who he is lounging with.

Lincoln lounging with foster mom on a Saturday morning. This is his, let’s skip Meet & Greet and just cuddle pose.

You see Lincoln is not your typical puppy.  Yep, we are talking about a puppy who loves to lounge.  He is one laid back guy who is very happy to lounge with his humans, canine companions and feline friends.  That is just Lincoln.

Lincoln had a sleep over at another foster home last week while his mom traveled. He has no problem lounging in new places. (That’s alum, Chloe on the brown blanket.)

Don’t get us wrong, Lincoln loves to play.  But, he is most comfortable in his backyard playing. New spaces, dog parks and meeting on leashes can make him nervous.  He can do it . . . his foster mom has truly helped him learn that he can do it, he will just be much happier if the party is brought to his own home.

Lincoln & Pumpkin Cheesecake lounging after a play session. Oh, and mom wanted to clean to rug. It seemed fine to them.

There is nothing this boy LOVES more than when it is “clean linens day” in his home.  He appreciates the fresh clean smell and feel a dryer sheet provides.  Takes him far away from the life he was born into . . . .a life outside in the dirt.  This boy enjoys the finer, cleaner things in life.

No need to make the bed all pretty with those pillows, make up the bed around him.  And his kitty cat buddy too.

Lincoln loves new linens. Like, you will need to make up the bed around him.

So, if you are looking for a puppy who doesn’t chew, doesn’t need hours upon hours of exercise, loves a good nap, is always up for a Netflix binge, appreciates your efforts of providing clean linens and loves all friendly canines and felines . . . you really should meet Lincoln.

This boy has been waiting for you!!

To meet Lincoln or another dog or cat who is available through Take Me Home Pet Rescue, please visit our website and fill out our no-obligation Adoption Application.  This tells us something about you, so we can help find the perfect Forever Friend for your home.

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2 thoughts on “March 19th: Lounging with Lincoln”

  • Hi, I’m interested in Lincoln. I was wondering what breed he is and how big he is expected to get? He’s adorable and I’m definitely looking for a laid back companion.

    • Lincoln is believed to be a shepherd/boxer mix. We found him, his brother and sister roaming a rural area with their mother, so we know what Mom looks like – more of a shepherd. But, he is a very laid back boy who has a bit more of a boxer look. He will be about 50 lbs fully grown.

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