Mar. 28, 2016 – Monday Meow

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Our cats and cat team volunteers hope that you had a restful and fun Easter weekend filled with family, friends, and of course food! We had a very busy Meet ‘N’ Greet adoption event on Saturday and many of our kittens (we have lots!) have been pre-adopted. So as soon as they are vaccinated and spayed or neutered they will be placed in their forever homes where their families are waiting for them!

Happy Easter from Sugar

Happy Easter from Sugar

Whoever made this bunny hat… well they are probably on Sugar’s “list”. She normally is pretty laid-back about dress-up time with her foster mom, but this was just too much! She played along, she was a great sport, but as you can see from the look in her face this was just not her cup of tea.

Princess Sugar

To reward her for putting up with the bunny hat, Sugar’s foster mom found a tiara fit for a queen. This tiara suits Sugar much better, don’t you think?!

Addie & Friends

Addie is a sweet petite fluffy three year old kitty. She lived in an orphanage for wayward cats her entire life. Although living with 49 other cats in the same home was not ideal, it is the only home that Addie knew. We rescued Addie and two of her cat friends from this makeshift shelter and they are all still decompressing at our adoption center.

Immediately after intake, Addie was documented to be seriously underweight. Her teeth and gums were in bad shape which caused her to have trouble eating and her condition required antibiotics. Her ears were also badly infected. Sweet Addie also had a runny nose and an eye infection.


We often take in cats with medical conditions such as this, and due to their medical needs they cost our organization more funds than healthy cats. We have setup a fundraiser page for Addie to help offset her medical costs. Click here to view her full story and more photos. Would you consider reading and sharing her story for us?

Trink is one of Addie’s friends that was rescued from the same home. She is an affectionate and playful young cat that is settling in nicely. Trink has an issue with her eyelashes where they are bothering her left eye. She is currently on eye drops and other medications and she may require surgery to fully correct the issue. Please stay tuned as we may begin a fundraiser page for Trink’s surgery as well.

This adorable Torti has taken a bit longer than her friends to adjust to our adoption center, but now that she is coming around, she is turning out to be such a loving cat! This is just a small clip showing off the attention she has been letting us give her lately.

Quincy The Cool Cat

Quincy is the center of attention in his foster home so it’s only natural that he gets massages on a regular schedule! Here you can see his Foster Dad giving him a good scratching. His Foster Mom shared this video with the caption “Not sure who is enjoying this more!”… and we can’t tell either!

Quincy is also the athletic type… well at least he is a good kicker! He’s showing off his soccer/football skills. If you have kids, we bet he would make a great playmate (as long as the kids are gentle and kind to him, of course).

He’s been to a few Meet ‘N’ Greet adoption events but he’s still not found the right home to scoop him up and take him home. If you’re interested in learning more about Quincy or submitting an adoption application for him, please visit his page on our website!

Introducing Razzle, Roca, and Reese!


Just like their mother (Sugar), Razzle, Roca, and Reese are adorable and photogenic kittens! They had a fantastic first Easter and look forwarding to spending next Easter in their forever homes. These little cuties are about 3 weeks old now so soon they will be up for pre-adoption meaning they can be spoken for before they are ready to go home. Beware: They will go fast, so if you are looking to add a kitten to your family, you may want to let us know by filling out a cat adoption application as soon as possible!

Thanks, again, for reading our Monday Meow… it means so much to our cat team and to our cats that you are interested in what they are doing and telling the world about them. Have a great week… and just remember, you already made it through Monday. 🙂

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