Mar. 14, 2016 – Monday Meow

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The sun has come out and our cats… well they really couldn’t care either way because that’s the beautify of living indoors! This week in our Monday Meow we have an update from Janna, two of our litters of kittens, and a few other cats! Please feel free to share this update with your friends on social media and in real life. Thank you!

Go, Janna, Go!

Janna RunningIf you’ve been following Janna’s weight loss journey, you probably can’t believe what you are seeing! She is active and RUNNING! We are so happy she is feeling like she has more energy due to her diet and exercise plan. Thank you thank you thank you times a MILLION to her dedicated foster mom who is also fostering Colin.

Janna is up for adoption if you’re interested in adopting a sweet cat that just needs to lose some more weight. Check out her profile and fill out an adoption application if you are interested in adopting her!

Sky is Sick, Can you help him?

Sick Sky

You surely remember Sky from our previous Monday Meow posts featuring his rescue story including a flight attendant that took him aboard a few flights because she had no other option as he needed regular feedings. Well, it seems that now, 4 months later, Sky is more in need of our help than ever. He is ill and we’re trying to get to the bottom of what is causing his sickness, but we need funds to help cover his medical costs.

Please click here to check out his fundraising page, watch his video, and donate and/or share his story with your friends, family, and anyone who will listen to you. We greatly appreciate your support!

Cuteness Overload

Collage of Kittens!
Angel and her 4 babies are starting to settle into their loving foster home. Angel is a bit timid still, but that’s to be expected with her history and all of the commotion of moving to her foster home from the streets.
The kittens, however, are already blossoming into the social and adorable kittens you see in the photos above. Their foster mom has even mentioned that it’s hard for her to get any work done at home with them in the house!
By the way, did you know that we offer “pre-adoption” for our kittens? That’s right! If you know someone interested in adopting a kitten, point them in our direction!

Sugar & Family Update

Sugar is all settled into her more “permanent” foster home after being rescued and then giving birth in a temporary foster home… all under 24 hours! Sugar is a sweet momma cat, she even tolerates their foster mom handling the kittens to give them daily weigh-ins and check-ups.

In the video you can see the “runt” of the litter and boy is he thriving! His foster mom reports that in their most recent weigh-in he was the heaviest. Go little runt! We’re still working out their names but don’t worry, they will have follow the Sugar theme.

Collage of Sugar's Kittens

Here’s another photo of the 3 cutie pies just “hanging out! PS, like you read before we do offer “pre-adoption” of our kittens. These guys are a bit young still, but give them a few weeks and they’ll have names and personalities. 🙂

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Janna and Colin looking out the window

Well, this past week started off with lots of rain, here’s a shot of Janna and Colin peering out the window checking out the night-time rain. They often like to sniff the air coming in the window, even if they have to share the perch together.

Quincy looking out the window, sitting like a human

As we all know… this weekend the weather has been just gorgeous. A perfect end to a rainy week! Loads of sunshine which our cats enjoyed from inside their windows. Quincy is showing off his ability to “sit like a human”! His foster mom says he loves to sit like this… someone has to want a cat with a hilarious personality like Quincy!

Check out his profile and let us know if you’re interested in adopting Quincy by filling out an adoption application.

Thanks, again, for reading our Monday Meow… it means so much to our cat team and to our cats that you are interested in what they are doing and telling the world about them. Have a great week… and just remember, you already made it through Monday. 🙂

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