Maggie and her SEVEN puppies!

Here’s the story of a lovely mama
Who has given birth to seven lovely pups
They had silky hair like their mother
The youngest one to catch up!

Maggie, displaying her belly, shortly before giving birth.
Maggie, displaying her belly, shortly before giving birth.

This is our newest litter of puppies at TMHPR! Since their foster dad got to name them, they were all named after The Walking Dead characters – Sasha, Jadis, Gabriel, Tyrese, Judith, Rosita, and sassy little Michonne.

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Maggie is such a GOOD mama to all of her babies! In the mornings she leaves them for just a bit to do her business and then runs around the house to say hello her humans. As soon as she’s done and satisfied that she has greeted all her foster family, right back to her babies she goes. 🥰

All 7 puppies already have their eyes open and they are on the move! Make sure to follow us on Facebook for more photo and video updates as these cuties grow.

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