Lots of Love – Monday Meow

We use the phrase LOL all the time and most of the time it means “laugh out loud”. Well, today just for our Monday Meow, it means “Lots of Love” and that’s because our cats are surrounded by so much love that we wanted to share some of it with you!


Colin + Sugar = <3

These two love bugs are still hanging out in their foster home waiting for their forever home(s). We’re all so impressed with how well Colin has taken to Sugar, they are such great companions even if they do test each other’s patience sometimes 🙂

If you’re looking for an instant family, you can certainly adopt these two together, we would just love that! Otherwise, they would both do best in a home with another cat to help keep them company. Some cats are very social, and we love it when they have a friend to share their life with.

Check out more handsome shots of Colin here.

Check out Sugar’s profile here, she’s quite the catch!

For the Love of Kittens!


Normally when we take in a momma cat with kittens… we wean the kittens, get everyone up-to-date on vaccinations, have momma spayed, spay/neuter the kittens, and find them all great homes (this is a very oversimplified model). This time, went a little different than expected!

When Marmalade went in for her spay appointment last week, we learned she is already well on her way to her next litter of SEVEN! Imagine our surprise that we are soon going to have 7 more kittens to feed, pamper, and find homes for. Marmalade’s foster mom is up for the challenge (thank goodness, we love our wonderful fosters!) so we will keep everyone updated on Marmalade’s maternity outfits and in a few weeks the new bundles of joy!

From Foster Home Love to Forever Home Love


Lilly was the last to be born but the first to do everything. She was the first out of the welping box, and the first to do a lot of other things. – Lilly’s foster mom recounted as she passed Lilly over to her new dad.

Lilly went home on Saturday with her new dad to a home with 2 dog brothers and a human mom. Lilly was born to Linzee a few months ago and has spent her life in a loving foster home where she had tons of toys, a good amount of dog and cat friends, and two very loving humans to help her grow!

Her foster mom and dad will miss her dearly but they know that she has what we wish every cat and dog in the world had – a loving, forever home.

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Brotherly Love

The video speaks for itself – Trevor and Toby are full of brotherly love.

These boys spend their days and nights together at the adoption center where they await their forever home(s) – we’re hoping 1 home together!

Click here to see pics & read more about Trevor.

Click here to see pics & read more about Toby.

Share the Love with Addie


You may have heard of Addie, a few months ago she underwent surgery and had several teeth removed due to an infection in her mouth. As it turns out, that wasn’t the end of her mouth troubles unfortunately. She is again needing to under go dental surgery and more tooth extractions to ease pain caused by severe gum inflammation and infection.

Addie is a sweet, loving cat that deserves to be pain-free just like every cat and dog. Her foster family absolutely adores her and can’t wait to see her personality blossom even more once her mouth troubles are over!

If you can help by donating or sharing Addie’s story, please check out her Razoo fundraiser page. We greatly appreciate all donations, large or small, and love it when our followers share to help amplify our message.

Click here to read more about Addie and share!

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