Look Into My Eyes – Rosie

Hey, it’s me Rosie (Rosemary) checking back in with my followers.  My fabulous Foster Mom wanted me to smile for the camera, but I wanted to go for a more soulful look.  Wouldn’t you like to have me as a co-pilot in your car?
I have been so busy.  Check it out!
My Foster Mom was gone for a week on some birthday cruise with a bunch of her friends. This left me home with four guys, which is exactly what I needed.  I hadn’t really had to rely on men or played with many children, so this was super good for me.  I learned that the deep voice was actually very kind and the kids are a ton of fun!!
See that’s me in the HUGE yard playing baseball with the boys.  I have even learned to play fetch!!  I love having a big yard to run around in.  And I love playing with the big kids!!  I’m telling you, this foster home is awesome!!  I’m learning so much!!
So, when my Foster Mom returned from her trip she said it was time to get busy learning some important things.  She said it will make me more adoptable, which is what we ALL want.
I so want my FOREVER FAMILY to find me!!

So, we started with some leash training.  I just hadn’t had a lot of that.  So, we got to work. Here I am listening to my Foster Mom.  I am a good listener, with my left ear.  My right ear, well it just kinda hangs around.  HA!!

My Foster Mom says I am a super fast learner.  I always have been.  Potty training was a breeze!
Speaking of potty training, I have had that down for months, but with a dog door.  So, what if my Forever Family doesn’t have a dog door?  Well, my Foster Mom worked with others at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) and taught me a bell method.
So, she hung a bell on the back door, and when I need to go out to potty, I just ring the bell!! Yep, in just a couple of days, I have it down!!  Ringing the bell means I get to go outside to potty & play.  Then I get a treat!  Oh, and I love it that humans come running when I ring the bell.  I have them trained too!
Life in a Foster Home is not all about training.  I get to go do fun stuff too.  They say I am working on socialization, but it doesn’t feel like work!!  I get to ride in the car, meet new people and nap when we head home.  Here I am after baseball practice with the boys.  
I’m loving my Foster Home!!  They are teaching me so much!!
So, if you think you may be my Forever Family, please fill out an Adoption Application and get pre-approved.  I want to meet you!  Unil then, I’m working to become the best dog I can be.
Later Gators!!
For more information about TMHPR, our adoption process or how you can support our organization, please visit our website at the link below.

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