Leigh: Tugger Terrific Play Date

Hey, it’s me Leigh again!!  I wanted to share with you some of the fun photos from my playdate last week!!
Tugger of TuggerTales was kind enough to introduce me to a few of his friends.  These friends, his girlfriend Abby and her brother Mighty, were also Take Me Home Pet Rescue pups only a short time ago.  They live with a fabulous family now who takes Abby to agility.  And the best thing, they have a big pool for swimmies!!
I love swimmies!!
Here I am with Abby’s Mommy teaching me to swim!
Just a few more practices and she says I won’t have to wear the leash anymore!!  It was so much fun!!  Abby & Tugger kept saying that I must have some lab in me.  If that makes me like Tugger, then that is a-okay by me!  He is so handsome!
Okay, so here I am chasing Tugger.  I love to run!!
Here I am with my friend Mighty!!  Check out my CRAZY EYES as I try to outrun him!
And I love to barrel roll into Mighty.  I have so much fun running and then rolling on the ground.


You can see my friend Abby running to check on me.  And even my buddy Mighty wanted to make sure that I was okay.  I’m all good —- just having fun!!
So, that was my big playdate with new friends.  As you can see I love making friends, running, jumping and playing kissy face.  Oh, and one more thing . . . .
Abby’s Mommy taught me to jump!!  So, we made an appointment for the baby agility ring at What A Great Dog! in Frisco.  I will share those photos with you next time, I promise!
That’s all for now.  I’m off to the Adoption Center to meet up with all of the great volunteers who will be working today.  I just love helping them work.  And they love to love on me!
Later guys!!

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