Leigh: Agility Field Trip

Good morning, my friends!  It is me, Leigh!

I have taken over the blog today.  If you are reading this, then I got it posted before anyone figured out that I can type with these paws.

That’s me up there in that photos.  I had just been playing with some fabulous boys when visiting a great foster home for a few days.  The boys were both 4-legged & 2-legged.  I had so much fun.  

You can tell I was having fun cause my ears are up, tongue out and dirt on my nose!!  My nose was close the ground as I was hunting for those crunchy treats that are only available during June.  JUNE BUGS!!  Foster Mom was grossed out, but I love the crunch  . . . I’m gonna try to bring some in the house for her to try.

So, you know me, I love a good field trip.  So, my buddies Abbey & Tugger took me to visit What A Great Dog! in Frisco.  They said that I could run and jump and try the “baby agility” stuff.  So, Abbey’s Mom brought lots of goodies that I love to eat to see how I would do.

See me, see me up there on the wobble board!  I had no problem hoping on and staying on!!  I even looked at my buddy who was taking pictures and stuck my tongue out at her.  I loved it!!

But, that wasn’t the best trick!  My friend Abbey showed me how to run through the tunnel and jump through a tire!!

See, tunnel, no problem!  It doesn’t scare me!!

Then Abbey’s Mom pointed to the tire.  I got this!!

Yep, tongue sticking out again at my buddy!  And paws crossed in perfect landing formation.  I love this agility stuff!!

I must have done well, cause I am hearing talk that we are heading back to WAGD! today for my first Manners Class.  Abbey’s Mom will be there to watch me, I can’t wait to see her.  She gives me lots of love and some pretty great treats!!

Anyway, I gotta go get ready.  I can’t wait for my field trip!  More on that later, when I take over the blog again!

Oh, and just so you know.  I’m currently scheduling interviews for families who are interested in a Forever Dog.  

I am looking for a Forever Family who wants an active dog.  I love field trips and learning new things.  If you want a lifetime of that kind of activity and a four-legged best friend with really cool ears . . . fill out an app online.  Here is the website.


Gotta go!  Big day ahead!

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