Kitten Season: Oliver & Rooftop Kittens

So, it is kitten season . . . . 

What does that mean, exactly?  It means Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) has kittens coming out of our ears!!

To be more specific, we have 24 kittens coming out of our ears.

See here is the list.  This is ONLY the kittens that are in our foster homes.  This does not include the adult cats!!

TMHPR has some AWESOME cat/kitten fosters.  These fosters open their homes, many times, within minutes of discovering there is a litter of kittens or a pregnant mama needing a safe place to go.

Here are a few of those 24 on this list that we would like to introduce to the internet world. They are simply the most current kittens that have been taken in. They are just so darn cute!!  

Meet Oliver!

Oliver was a lonely kitten in a kennel at the Balch Springs Animal Shelter

Our friends at the shelter contacted TMHPR to see if we had an available foster home for this sweet boy. We do not know how he ended up all alone at the animal shelter, but he seems to be adjusting to the foster home.

What do you think?

That boy did not belong in a shelter!  What an adorable boy!

Meet our latest rescues!


These sweet babies (2 boys & 2 girls) were rescued just yesterday off of a roof.  (Yes, I said roof.)  They are approximately 4 weeks old and are being bottle fed until they get the hang of eating from a shallow dish.


These babies quickly learned that being a rescue meant you receive a good meal, a bath to stop all of the fleas from biting and lots of cuddles from a Foster Mom.


Can’t wait to see all of these babies grow & learn!  Check back often for additional photos!


Kitten season also means we need additional foster homes.  The litters of kittens will need to be split up into groups of two as they get older.  This means we will have to double our foster homes.

Kitten season also means we will need more kitten formula & kitten food.  Please consider ordering from Amazon or picking up some of the brand we use for our kittens and dropping it off at our Adoption Center in Richardson.

For more information regarding our volunteer run organization and how you can help, please visit

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