KITTEN Event & More – Monday Meow


This week’s Monday Meow features two TMHPR alumni cats with updates as well as an upcoming event with KITTENS and a recent mini-renovation at the adoption center!

Kittens TOMORROW at Kendra Scott Fundraiser Event


That’s right, we’ll have a bundle of kittens at our Kendra Scott Gives Back fundraiser event tomorrow at The Shops at Legacy. If you’re looking for some fantastic jewelry and want to cuddle kittens at the same time, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, so we hope to see you there!

Update on Addie’s Razoo


We only have $325 to go to raise the funds for Addie’s second set of medical expenses! Thank you to all of the generous donors thus far – we are so close to our goal of $850 and will be able to schedule Addie’s second dental surgery as soon as we get there.

Addie is a super sweet and happy girl in her foster home, a long way from the overcrowded cat sanctuary from which we rescued her. This surgery will give her the relief from the pain she must be feeling.

Click here to check out her fundraiser page. No amount is too small and we appreciate the “Share” if you are unable to donate at this time!! THANK YOU!

Tuxedo Cat or Wiggle Worm?

How about BOTH?

Tuxie is a hilarious cat that brings a lot of entertainment to her foster parents! She would love to bring this sort of entertainment to her forever home, so please share her video with anyone that you know that may be looking to adopt a cat/wiggle worm!

Check out more about Tuxie here!

A Pop of Color!


Step 1: Move Trevor & Toby to another room at the adoption center so they don’t end up PURPLE. They weren’t exactly impressed, but it was only temporary!Painting2

Step 2: Unleash our super fantastic and talented-at-painting volunteer, Carolyn. She is experienced with painting walls at the adoption center PURPLE. Not everyone has the patience it takes to paint, so we are especially lucky to have Carolyn there to paint when we need her!


Step 3: After waiting for the paint to dry, replace the furniture, unleash Trevor & Toby back on the room, then admire the beautiful handiwork! We hope you’ll consider dropping by this weekend during our Meet ‘N’ Greet adoption event to come admire our new PURPLE wall in the front cat room!

Simon’s Face Says it All!


Simon was adopted from Take Me Home Pet Rescue a little while back and recently his family went on a trip. They returned home just the other day and the look on Simon’s says it all – he is grinning!

Quincy is so Suave

Alumni Quincy knows that grooming is important! His foster mom taught him well, this video is just a small excerpt of the time he spends grooming himself daily!

These are the updates we LOVE to see. If you’ve adopted a cat (or dog) from TMHPR, feel free to send us updates on Facebook or by email.

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