Kendra Scott Give Back Event – Pupdate

Thank you to the wonderful organizers of the Kendra Scott Give Back Event for Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR)!!  We were so excited to share information about our organization with those shopping and working at the Kendra Scott store at The Shops at Legacy in Plano.

It was a wonderful evening of smiles, puppy kisses and kitten cuddles.

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We were so welcomed by those working in the store.  They had a store full of volunteers, dogs and cats — on top of their normal shoppers.  And they were so gracious and kind.

And our puppies and kittens were a hit! But, who couldn’t smile and enjoy themselves when there was puppy breath and adorable kittens to snuggle?


For three full hours, anyone shopping at the store was helping give back to TMHPR.  And as the register kept ringing, we knew that 20% of every purchase, Kendra Scott was Giving Back to our amazing rescued dogs and cats.  Money for medical bills, dog & cat food, treats, monthly preventive medications and TOYS!


Did you know that TMHPR has, been averaging, a monthly medical bill between $5,000 and $8,000 dollars?  Did you know that we have saved over 200 dogs and cats (combined) in 2016? That is so many sweet lives saved and then adopted into loving and caring homes.


And it is through events like this that we are able to raise the money needed to continue our work.  It is only possible through our volunteers who help make events like this happen.  And the partnerships with corporations who understand the needs in the non-profit world.


So, what was the total you ask?  How did we do?

We did AMAZING!!!

Kendra Scott Gives Back $1,227.35 to TMHPR!!

We are so, so very grateful.  Thank you to all who came out to shop.  Please be on the lookout for future events.  Our Fall Calendar is filling up and we are so very excited at the opportunities we have to raise money for the dogs & cats of TMHPR!  And we hope you are able to join us soon.

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