June 6th: Happy Beginnings: Hero

Those of us in rescue live for Happy Beginnings.

Hero Blog Post

We experience such sadness, at times, doing what we do.  We have to live for the peaks, to make it through the valleys.  Last week was no exception.  Last week was a HUGE valley, as we lost both Libby to Lymphosarcoma and Dallas to Parvo.  And today, we had to let sweet Frisco go. Eleven days at the vet and he was just too sick.  But, in the end, he knew love.

We shed tears together.
We console each other.
And then we go on fighting, fighting for the next one.

Fighting for the one still on the streets.  The one chained to a refrigerator, a stake or a dog house.  The one with no home, food or hope that a human will come along to help them.

So, we continue to RESCUE.
Meet Hero.

13315600_10208203544960648_453157831868953050_nSo named, because he needed one.  And he not only got one, he found a team of heroes with Take Me Home Pet Rescue.


Found in South Dallas, he is estimated to be about 3 years of age and in terrible shape.


But, he is at least off of the streets due to a wonderful rescuer.



He is on his way to the vet to diagnose all that ails him. He’s likely to have sarcoptic mange, demodex and secondary skin infections of all sorts.  It will take a lot of time, money and love to help this boy both physically and emotionally.  And we are up for the challenge.


If you are interested in fostering this boy, we need you to complete a Foster Application.  If you can help with the vet bills and the cost of prescriptions, please donate.  When donating through PayPal, please note that it is for Hero.  If sending a check to us, please note it is for Hero in the Memo area.

Here is to Hero’s Happy Beginning at Take Me Home Pet Rescue!

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