June 6, 2016 – Monday Meow

Monday Meow 6-6-16

We hope you and your family have made it through the recent storms well and are enjoying this nice (yet hot!) weather we have been experiencing the last few days. All of the cats and kittens in our program are certainly glad to have their foster homes or our adoption center to keep them safe, dry, and comfortable as they await their forever homes.

We’ve been a bit MIA for a few weeks with our Monday Meow, but we are now back in full force to bring you news, pictures, and videos of cats and kittens in our group! Please share with others if you can as we are always looking for new volunteers, fosters, adopters, and supporters.

Thanks to a Good Samaritan and a foster, this cat has been saved.


Found during the recent torrential rains, “Ian” was brought in wet and scared. His rescuer couldn’t in good conscience leave him outside after seeing another driver narrowly missing Ian in the street!


Initially thought to be about three to four months old, our vet says he’s closer to a year because he has his adult set of teeth – he only weighs three pounds! He has been living a very tough existence. He has scar tissue over one eye that doesn’t seem to bother him and a few broken teeth that makes eating a little messy. But, boy is he a lover! You’d expect this guy to be feral, but he’s not at all.


He trusts humans and handled his examination like a champ. A decision will be made about his eye at a later date, but for now we are concentrating on fattening him up and giving him all the love he can handle.


Currently, he is enjoying soft beds, good food and lots of belly rubs. He loves belly rubs like a dog! He has developed into a loving, playful cat; he like jingle bell balls or anything he can bat around on the floor the best.  Seems like he would prefer to be carried around all day! His fur is already soft and sleek.

To donate towards Ian’s care, please visit this page on our site. Since we don’t yet know what will be done about his eye, we have not yet setup a fundraiser page specifically for him, so in the PayPal donation notes you can specify that the domain is for “Ian”.

Keanu is feeling better… and “zipping” all over the place.


We’re so glad to see that Keanu is playful and acting like a kitten again! He went through a little bit of a rough patch with a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) and on top of that he was missing his bother Finn. This is just a shining example of how important foster homes are to all of the pets in our organization. These animals truly flourish in a home!


Here’s a close-up of this cutie pie!

If you are interested in becoming a foster or want some more information, check out this page on our site. There’s some information to read through and you can submit an application online if you want to take the next step towards fostering. Trust us, it’s difficult but so rewarding at the same time!

MMA featuring Trevor and Toby


Trevor and Toby are brothers alright! They love to wrestle and rough-house, they are great about entertaining themselves. We would absolutely love for them to find a home together where they can be lifelong friends… maybe you are looking for an instant family?

If you want more information on Trevor or Toby, just click their names here and you can read all about them!

That’s one stinky kitten!


Elise was at our vet’s office this morning when Dr. Miller asked if we might have a nursing momma cat that might have room for another kitten. Well, it took Elise about 2 seconds to realize this was certainly not a kitten! We’re glad she noticed, as we are not equipped to handle wildlife nor do we need to add any stink to our adoption center or foster homes!

And because we don’t want to leave you hanging… of course we have an update on the baby skunk. Dr. Miller’s office has connected him with a wildlife rehabber who is an expert with orphaned skunks. So he is in good hands and getting the care he needs to grow up to be a stinky adult skunk!

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