June 5th: Project Chewy Update

Did I hear you say Chewy.com???

Oh my, let me tell you how they are helping animals in need . . . .

(Written by Elise Bissell)

Where Does It All Come From?

You may have noticed that we are posting A LOT OF GREAT STUFF about Chewy If you are not familiar with Chewy let me explain.

Chewy is an online pet supply distributor that has opened a new “fulfillment” center in Dallas off of Hwy 20 and Spur 408. When products are delivered to their warehouse (via ginormous 18 wheeler trucks) sometimes the products are damaged. When they are damaged they cannot be sold to their customers, so Chewy donates them to a nonprofit organization. Take Me Home Pet Rescue is very grateful to be the selected organization who receives these donations.

What Do We Do With It?

Well, fast forward, and this awesome weekly donation has turned into a spectacular OutReach Program involving almost 70 other nonprofit organizations and independent rescuers & feral cat caretakers!

Every Friday TMHPR volunteers rent a 16 foot moving truck then meets a handful of volunteers at the Chewy loading dock. We load up the truck and invite several other rescue organizations to meet us at the dock (on a rotating basis) who help us load the TMHPR truck and their own trucks, cars, SUV’s, and even other rental trucks.

We then take the donations to the TMHPR Adoption Center in Richardson and sort the products for additional rescues to come and pick up. This requires another set of volunteers! Once everything is sorted then the nonprofit organizations, who are notified in advance that it is their turn on the rotation, come by and pick up their food.

It is an incredible experience. Check out some of the photos that try and show the massiveness of this venture. But, you can’t understand the magnitude of the project, until you experience it for yourself!

We start at 9AM and are finished (if all goes as planned by 5PM) because we have to be ready for Meet N Greet the following day at 10AM!

How Can You Help?

If you work for a company or organization that is looking to find ways to volunteer together, this could be for you. Be prepared to lift up to 40-50 pounds of food or cat litter.

If you know of a company or individual who would like to sponsor the truck, which runs about $150 a week or provide lunch for the hungry volunteers, and believe me, we are starving by the time lunch time rolls around, please send them our way! We are advertising the sponsors in our weekly newsletter, on Facebook, and soon to be on our website as well.

Join us in celebrating the generosity of a wonderful organization! By the way, they have fabulous deals for regular customers! Check them out!!

We are currently in need of weekly truck and lunch sponsorships.  We are also looking for volunteer groups to come out and help us load and unload.

Also, if you know of a local Dallas/Fort Worth nonprofit organization who would like to receive donations from Project Chewy please have them complete a form on our Project Chewy web page here.

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