June 30th: Pupdate – Miguel’s Rescue Story

Miguel BlogThey all have a story.

It is their personal Rescue Story.

This is Miguel’s Rescue Story.

13407121_10208253274683860_1148860296588383176_nMeet Mike.  He is our contractor.  He has been working with us to help improve our Adoption Center.  He is a wonderful, caring man, who is never slow to donate to TMHPR.  Now we can add “rescuer” to his description.

13423715_10208253274763862_4890438344630167197_nMike brought Miguel into the center on a Saturday, during  very busy Meet & Greet.  He was timid and wasn’t so sure about where he had landed.  But, it wouldn’t take him long to decompress.

Mike was in a rough part of town and he saw a little dog hobbling around behind a vacant building.  He stopped and asked a homeless man about the dog.  “He has been hanging around here for about a week.  Something wrong with his back leg.”

13407283_10209273568539230_3385551837633113971_nMike scooped him up and knew Elise could help.  We let him stay in the Adoption Center for about a week.  He stayed in a crate in the Admin area and had access to food, water, comfy beds and lots of human interaction.  Mike would come by to visit his little buddy, Miguel. Turned out his leg was not injured, just burrs that were causing pain.

Ready for his Forever Home.

13466368_10153428014486735_3244683117455471425_nMiguel learned that this rescue business was great.  He was fed, had a soft bed and humans meant lots of love and security.  Off to a foster home he went.  He does well with other dogs, cats that don’t run and he LOVES men.  This cuddle bug would do well in a home with or without other dogs.  He loves humans.

13438993_900453136743496_6195817555571458363_nMiguel is the perfect lap dog.  He loves treats and will keep you company during a Netflix marathon of your choice.  Kids make him nervous, as he is a tiny guy and easily could be squished or hurt, so we are looking for a home without kids.

13584673_10206385902236938_3217653702919932217_o-1He loves car rides.  He will be a great dog to take with you wherever you go!

Yesterday, Miguel took his no puppies pledge.  We are so excited that he is now 100% ready for adoption.  Would you share Miguel’s story?  We can’t wait to see his Happy Beginning!

For more information about Miguel or any of our dogs or cats, please visit our website.

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