June 21st: Pupdate – Give Me the Good Stuff

The Good Stuff.  Today, that is what I am focusing on.

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So may times the rescue stories that are front and center are the sad, desperate and unbelievable stories that make you question how humans can be so cruel & callus.

But, not today, today, we give you the Good Stuff.  Cause this is why we rescue.

Good Stuff From Those Adopted

Brothers Ashton & Beck were saved at about 2 weeks of age from the Dallas Animal Shelter with their mother Allana.  We couldn’t help but think about the others in the litter that were lost to the streets.  But, we celebrate the two survivors.  Ashton is now 50 lbs and Beck is 40 lbs.  Both are living the good life!



Good Stuff From Those In Foster Homes

Bandit, one of Cadence’s pups is thriving in his Foster Home.  Foster Dad is a teacher, so the family loves taking in a puppy during the summer.  Bandit was terrified of humans when he came to TMHPR.  Now he loves to cuddle with our own “mini dog whisperer”.  Bandit & his siblings are available for adoption.  (Mini Dog Whisperer, not included.)

Bandit (1)

Last of the Powerball Puppies, Chance has been spending much of his summer at the lake with his Foster Family.  We cannot fathom why this boy has not found his Forever Family.  He is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  He is crate trained, house trained and he does “Tricks for Treats”.  And he is the most laid back and chill dog.  We would love for Chance to find a home where he has an older brother or sister to keep him company, as he has in his Foster Home.


Good Stuff From Those Saved

Daisy was rescued through a partnership with Richardson Animal Shelter.  As with all shelters this time of the year, the surrenders outnumber the adoptions.  Shelters are desperate to find ways to move dogs out, alive.  We are pleased to confirm that Daisy made it out and into rescue because a Foster Home was found.  Fosters Save Lives.


Good Stuff From Those Who Suffered

Hope’s itching has subsided and her skin is no longer the bright red it once was.  She is weaning her babies and she is happy to do so.  Yesterday she would not stop barking from the isolation room in the back, so Elise brought her up to the Admin area.  This is where our volunteers come in daily to handle paperwork, track medical care and answer the phones. Hope wanted human company.  Here she stayed, “helping” all day.

Hero’s skin is looking much better as well.  His hair is growing in and he is now able to take car trips to enjoy a splash in the kiddie pool in a volunteer’s home.  This boy is all smiles when he is out of his kennel and enjoying some fresh air.  We hope to have him in a Foster Home soon.

Hope & Hero

Good stuff, it is what we need to hear.  We need the happy endings, the fabulous emotional breakthroughs and the physical healing of the broken souls that we set out to help.  We can’t help them all, but we must focus on those that we can.

TMHPR is always in need of additional foster homes.  Fosters open their home to provide the time, training and love to those who need it most.  Those who will run out of time in the shelter.  Those who are living on the streets, abandoned & abused.

Help us help them.

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