June 19th: Pupdates – Happy Beginnings

Happy Beginnings are what Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) is all about.  From the Freedom Rides to Adoption Day, there are so many Happy Beginnings that a new pet experiences during their time with us.

Here are just a few recent examples.

Hermione (Available)

What a difference a foster home makes!!

Check out Hermione, only in a foster home for a week and the fearful, anxious puppy is gone. Replaced with a happy girl who loves to play with her human foster family and canine pack.

Hermione was the puppy rescued from the side of the road in South Dallas. Her buddy and protector, a Great Pyrenees had been hit by a car and was left to suffer in a ditch. Hermione would not leave him.

I know we say it over and over again, but Elise Bissell knew what she was doing when she started a foster-based rescue, Take Me Home Pet Rescue. Dogs and cat adoptions are more successful when the pet is given the opportunity to learn how to live in a home, before being adopted.

Our fosters are amazing!!  Thank you to our fosters, for all you do for these dogs & cats.

Tink (Applicant Approved)

We are so happy to share this Before/After of our beautiful Tink.

Tink was abandoned by her family in the backyard when they moved. She gave birth to her tiny babies and did her best to care for them.  She did spend about 3 weeks at the Adoption Center with her 3 tiny babies.  It was the best place to have her and her babies watched for illness or changes in their health.

They all went to a wonderful foster home where they all learned what it meant to be loved and spoiled.  All have been thriving!

Mama Tink has now put the “Mama” part of life behind her. She has moved to her new foster home where she will be a puppy again, not a Mama.  Tink will take her “no more puppies pledge” in a couple of weeks and then will be adopted by a wonderful Forever Family where she will be treated like a princess!

Her babies will be ready for adoption soon!

Mabel (Adopted)

Found in a small Southern Texas town, two UTD students brought Mabel home from a quick road trip. The citizens just wanted this mangy dog to go away, so they were starving her to death.

These wonderful humans couldn’t sit quiet and leave her there to die a slow death. This sweet girl found a ride out of the town, a Freedom Ride that changed her life FOREVER!

They brought her back to Dallas and started looking for help. And they found Take Me Home Pet Rescue. Fast forward, 6 months later and Mabel is healthy, healed and GORGEOUS in her Forever Home!

Happy Life Mabel!!

Thank You!

None of these Happy Beginnings could happen without the fabulous network that Take Me Home Pet Rescue has.  It takes rescuers, volunteers, fosters, adopters, followers who share our message and donors.  How do you fit in to the equation?

How ever you fit in . . . . THANK YOU!
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