June 19th: Pupdate – A Rescued Story

A Rescued Story
Written By:  Rylie Oleson, Junior Volunteer, Photographer, TMHPR

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On Wednesday evening, I got a call from my grandmother, one of the volunteers at TMHPR, asking for my help at the center. Our normal photographer, Vanessa, needed documentation of a mom & three pups that had just been rescued from Dowdy Ferry coming in and starting their new, happy, safe life, but she couldn’t get there in time.

That’s where I came in. Vanessa has been teaching me a lot about photography in the last few months, and she needed me to go take pictures of the family’s arrival.

Mama Hope was scared to come out of her travel crate upon her arrival at the Adoption Center.

I was quickly taken down to the center, where there were volunteers coming in and out, waiting on this family. Fast forward almost 3 hours, and the dogs and their rescuers finally arrived. Suddenly, there was a sense of urgency, getting everyone out of the car and inside. Giving them all plenty of food and water, seeing what all everyone had to do to get all of the dogs in better shape.

I started taking pictures of everything I could, the crate the puppies were in, the puppies, ticks and fleas, anything really. As soon as I had gotten to see the mom, my heart sunk.


She was cowered in her crate, too scared to come out. She had a wound on her ear, red, irritated paws and matted, out-of-control fur. It was an awful sight to see, and I had no idea how anyone could abuse and abandon this family when all they needed was help. Still, I kept taking pictures. It took around 5 minutes for Mama Dog to come out, bribing her with lots of food and one of her pups.


Again, seeing her fully made my heart sink. Her rear end was looking awful, and she looked miserable. We gave her lots of dog food and water, which she downed in no time at all. My grandmother and I took her on a walk, and she looked so scared. She went straight for the dumpster to search for food like she had so long, and we promised her that she would never have to do that again, that she was in good care, and that her life was about to get a whole lot better.

Hope’s babies, Faith, Victor & Pax

Meanwhile, I went back inside to see the puppies. The volunteers inside were getting a temporary enclosure ready for the puppies and their mom to stay, bathing the puppies, and getting shots ready to prevent any infections or viruses.

Faith, learning what love from a human feels like.

The puppies were shaking, probably terrified and confused as to what was happening, and yet again, my heart broke for them. Their whole life so far had consisted of little food/water, possibly abuse, and abandonment. They 100% did not deserve that life, and I was so thankful for their rescuers.

Pax in loving arms

With all of that being said, the experience was tough to see, but I’m very glad that I was a part of it and that I was able to help. I will hopefully be doing this again soon, and when the time comes, I’ll be prepared to do whatever I can so that these animals have a much better life in the future.

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