June 14, 2016 – Pupdate – Thriving Puppies

The best part of the story has yet to be written.

This is how we feel when we bring a dog or cat into Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  It is no different for sweet Cadence and her litter of puppies who survived being exposed to the nasty Parvo virus.  Her surviving puppies are now thriving puppies.

Austin Blog Photo

Miss Paris is the only girl of the bunch.  She was sad & lonely when she lost her sister, Dallas. But, as you can see, she is in a great foster home, learning to be a part of a pack and being spoiled rotten.1

Paris loves to have a buddy in the home with her.  Napping and playing is always more fun with a buddy.  She also loves to help cook!  Her Foster Mom made frozen dog treats for the pups at the center, and Paris helped clean the bowl!

She has also been working to socialize in the BIG world.  Her Foster Mom loves taking her to Home Depot for an outing.  And we are certain Paris enjoys the outing as well!  Tail is wagging! So many people to meet & tell about TMHPR.

2Austin a beautiful boy, just like his siblings.

He is never without a smile and loves playing with his human and canine buddies.  His Foster Mom has been known to take him to work, not that he is much help.  He tends to nap on the job.

Austin has also been around small children and on many different outings.  His paws may not hit the ground until he has had his 2nd round of shots, but he has many miles under his belt already.

2And last, but not least is “Mama look alike”, Bandit.  This adorable pup is going to closely resemble is gorgeous mother.  He is a boy who is very smart and has a lot of energy.  He does very well with a young buddy to help him work through all of that youthful spirit.

Bandit has learned that humans are so very awesome.  He is also in a home with children and will do great with other little humans and dogs to play with him.

Thank you to everyone who has helped take care of this little family.  When Parvo strikes a litter, the pup is fighting for his or her life.  It takes volunteers, vets, vet techs, kennels techs, volunteers, followers and donors to help the littlest of lives.  We couldn’t have shown the love and compassion to these babies without all of the help.















TMHPR has incurred very large medical bills due to the vet care, medications, plasma and boarding that was required for Dallas and Frisco.  These angels fought for their lives.  And when there was no more hope, we had volunteers there holding them, loving them until the very end.

Imagine the pain they would have endured as they died in a field in South Dallas?

TMHPR does not shy from the hard cases, but we can only continue do so with the help from our donors.  TMHPR is 100% donation dependent.  We still have a large medical bill to cover for these babies.  If you can help, please visit their Razoo to donate.  Any amount helps.

Click to Help with the Medical Bills

If you are not in a position to help monetarily, please share their story with your friends and family.  Sharing is free of charge.

Thank you so very much!

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