June 13, 2016 – Monday Meow

This week’s Monday Meow is full of a wide range of cat and kitten stories – from sleepy kittens, to playful young cats, to Happy Tails! Clearly, our cats have been busy and so have our volunteers. For more stories and news, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

06-13-16 Monday meow

How Many Sleepy Kittens Can Fit In 1 Chair?

Kittens On Chair

Apparently, the answer is 6!

Aren’t Lincoln, Taylor, Madison, Benny, Puddin’, and Half Pint just the cutest? Of course they are! They’re playful and outgoing little kittens but they also take nap time very seriously. During nap time, their foster mom was able to snap some individual shots of these adorable – and sleepy – little munchkins.

Kittens4 Kittens3 Kittens2 Kittens1

5 of these guys (and their mother, Ivy, who is pictured below) are still available for pre-adoption! Please check out their profiles and let us know if you’re interested.



Emerson Plays Catch

Emerson is about a year old, and playful as ever! His foster mom loves to play fetch with him as you can see in the video above. If you are looking for a versatile cat that loves to lay in laps, purr up a storm, and hang out with you all day… then Emerson may be just the cat for you! Click here to learn more about Emerson and let us know if you’re interested in meeting him.


Playtime for Sugar

Sugar’s time raising kittens has passed and it’s now time for her to return to her time being a kitten herself! She is often called Princess Sugar, but even a princess must have her playtime. She loves zipping around her foster home and at the very end of the clip you can see her new foster brother (you may remember him from previous Monday Meow posts) – Colin!

Here’s another funny clip of Sugar having a BLAST in her paradise of a foster home! Despite the amount of fun she is having, she really is still looking for a forever home where she will have plenty of attention and love. If you think Sugar may be the cat for you, check out her profile here.


Not One, Not Two, But THREE Happy Tails!

Often times, when we hear back from adopters right away, we hold our breath. We do so because sometimes adoptions don’t work out, that’s just something that comes with the territory unfortunately. Well, recently we have heard back from two separate adopters (three cats total) and we are pleased to report that these (somewhat tricky) adoptions seem to be going well!


Do you remember Daisy and Maisy, the two, bonded gray cats? Well they have recently been adopted and they’re settling into their forever home nicely! Here’s the update shared by their new mom and dad:

“Girls” doing fine. Daisy not eating as well as Maisy, but evidence of their eating OK. Daisy actually slept with us last night!! Maisy likes dining room, Daisy likes everywhere.

These two girls would not have the same opportunity at a Happy Tail if it weren’t for their fabulous foster mom. She helped them become more affectionate and that is paying off! We hope to continue receiving such great news from these two girls.


You may remember our long-timer, Minnie, she had been in a loving foster home for a few years, yes years! She went home just recently and by that evening she was already out of hiding and checking out her new surroundings. She eventually made her way to the couch where her new mom was and she even slept on the bed with her new mom on the first night!!

Long-time followers of Minnie will understand that this is such an accomplishment for this once fearful and sometimes grumpy girl. Again, this such a testament to our wonderful foster homes!

If you’ve ever been interested in joining our Foster team, check out this page on our site with lots of great info and let us know you’re interested!

These stories are a reminder that there is a home out there for each of our cats and dogs. Sometimes we just have to be patient and do our best to find them! If you’ve adopted a cat from TMHPR, please consider leaving us a message in the comments to let us know how he or she is doing!

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