July 6th: Pupdate – Urgent Need for Fosters

Take Me Home Pet Rescue has an Urgent Need

We have an urgent need for fosters for both dogs and cats.  It happens daily, the requests to save them from life on the streets, shelters and private rescuers.  And the ability to say “Yes” is so very sweet, but when we have to say, “no” it is heart wrenching.
We are a foster based rescue and we desperately need additional foster homes.  Can you help?  Here is some additional info . . .

Fosters Needed- Duchess Stuff Blog Photo

With so many of you have heard the saying, “Fosters save lives.”
Oh, there is no truer statement.  Let me explain.13528557_1044717012263155_2621260318297638998_o

Last week our Hope, (nka Princess Hope of Amherst) left the ISO Room and went to foster. Here are recent photos her her in her Foster Home.  (More photos on her Facebook Page. Yes, she now has her own Facebook Page now.)

13580580_1044511145617075_2642791087913834093_o This is what it means to foster.  They learn to live in a home.  Not on the street.

Foster Chain Reaction – Radar Saved

Because Hope and her puppies are all being fostered, we were able to save Radar.  Radar was on the streets starving, after being dumped.  He is also in a lot of pain due to thorns imbedded in his stomach.  They are now infected and he is running a fever.


Radar is now resting comfortably in the ISO Room on pain meds.  He will be able to have the thorns removed on Friday under light sedation.  He will then be ready for his own Foster Home.

Hope’s Foster Mom not only helped Hope, but also saved Radar.  Chain Reaction.


Meet Duchess – Needs Foster


This beauty is another “throw away” of South Dallas.  Literally, thrown out of a car.  Her brother was not lucky enough to make it to TMHPR.  He was hit by a car before rescuers could save him.

Duchess is scared and cries — for good reason.  She watched as humans drove off and another human killed her brother.  But, she is a love.  And she deserves to know that not all humans are evil.


Duchess is residing in Kennel #1 at the Adoption Center.  She is a sweet girl who needs a quiet home where she can decompress and learn to be a loved and adored pet.  Can you offer her a quiet spot to lay her head?  TMHPR pays for the medical care, food, treats, bed, crate, etc.  You provide her space and time.

Marlee Needs a Foster/Foster to Adopt

Our sweet Marlee is back from Circle Star.  We thought we had her a great foster when she passed the cat test.  Turns out she learned that cats can run.  So, she is back and sitting in Kennel #4.

Marlee is 100% trained.  And is adored by all humans, big and mini sizes.  She just needs a home where she is an only dog – or large male dogs are fine too.  No small dogs and no cats that run.

2016-06-19 13.30.48

Fostering or Fostering to Adopt Marlee means we can take in another dog.  She is 100% trained AND comes with a Lifetime Guarantee for more training, if needed.

As I have mentioned, fostering means you save two dogs, it is a chain reaction.  One moving to a foster home makes room for one off of the streets or out of the shelter.

TMHPR says “no”, “our fosters are full”, “can you hold them for a week”, “have you tried . . . . (insert other rescue name here)” all day, every day.

No matter how many Forever Homes we find, there are more out there that need help.  Please visit our website to find out about fostering or adopting.  And please share our need. Sharing is 100% free of charge AND can do the MOST GOOD.

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