July 4, 2016 – Monday Meow

July-4-Monday-MeowWe hope you’re having a restful and enjoyable 4th of July!  🎉 Please keep in mind that cats and dogs can sometimes have adverse reactions to fireworks and other activities on this day. So, keep them safe, inside, and calm as much as you can. This is especially important for new cats and dogs to your home.

This past week has been very busy for the cats of TMHPR! We experienced a handful of adoptions this weekend at Meet ‘N’ Greet. We also took in a handful of cats/kittens that are in need of our help! Check out some of these stories below.

Welcome Zach!


Just yesterday this sweet and tiny kitten was found in the road by a TMHPR volunteer who promptly brought him to our adoption center for care. Our volunteers gave him a quick bath and he is doing well! He’s even eating dry and canned kitten food in his foster home, a friend of his rescuer! Shortly after his rescue, he was given the name Zach, he’s named after his rescuers son.

This is just one example of our “it takes a village” mentality – a volunteer found him, a few other volunteers helped bathe him, and now a brand new foster family is caring for him until he finds his forever home! If you want to be a part of our “village”, let us know, we’d love to have you.

Trevor, Toby, & Laser

We’re so grateful to have dedicated volunteers that care for our cats (and dogs) day in & day out. Here’s a fun shot taken by one of our spectacular volunteers. Trevor & Toby playing with their laser toy! It’s especially important for cats that live at the adoption center for a while to have regular interaction and as much fun and exercise as possible.

If you are looking for a bonded pair of “teenage” cats, Trevor and Toby may be just what you had in mind! They are great with each other, love to be snuggled with, and just perfect gentlemen!

PS: We’re always looking for Cat Care team volunteers. If you’re interested, read a little more about volunteering for TMHPR here.

Want to do something fulfilling and rewarding this summer?

2 kittens

This may be the best project ever….and you will truly be a hero to a little family who needs help.

We’re hoping to find an experienced foster who can help us help three beautiful, fearful kittens settle down. They are only about 7 weeks old and we feel with the proper handling and nurturing, they can come to a good place.

3rd kitten

These kittens were living with their mom (not more than a kitten herself) in a neighborhood in University Park. Living in trees and scrounging food from the strip of restaurants located behind the yard they were hanging out in. Avoiding the possums and the dogs and the cars and just trying to survive.


Mom (Marmalade, pictured above) came right up to rescuers and is super friendly and is now with a foster family, inside and safe. The three kittens were less willing to allow help so they were trapped and are now inside also with another temporary foster who is working with them but cannot keep them long term.

There is a large network of people trying to find someone who would be willing to take them in. They need someone who can work with them to help them be less fearful. TMHPR can only take them if we can find a few fosters….we need to split them up since we believe that the biggest one is protecting the other two and this makes it hard to work with them. Just to let you know, they will eat baby food off of a spoon and lick the hands of their feeder so we are super hopeful we can get them to trust!

If we can get fosters to take them in, we would be so grateful. TMHPR provides ALL supplies – food, litter, litter boxes, crates, bedding, vetting, you name it! 

Complete our online foster application if you’re interested in helping out these 3 cuties!

Ian & His Eye


Meet adorable Ian – he was rescued by a Good Samaritan from the middle of Jupiter Road on a rainy day. As you can see in the photo below, Ian’s right eye is damaged beyond repair; he will likely have it removed soon.


He is as sweet and tiny as can be. His foster mom has let him have full reign of the house, but this is his chosen spot! Please stay tuned for his Razoo fundraiser page! More of his story and a chance to donate and/or share coming soon.

Pre-Adoption… It Works!


Benny was pre-adopted a few weeks ago and was finally ready to go home this weekend on his new mom’s birthday! His new mom is so excited that she had been checking in and visiting him throughout the wait. We are so happy he will have a wonderful life in his forever home.

When we have litters of kittens, we often offer pre-adoption. This allows our kittens to be spoken for before they are ready to go home. Check out our current list of available cats and kittens here.

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