July 26th: Pupdate – Hope & Her Puppies

So many of our followers have asked for an update on Hope & Her Puppies.  This little family’s story was truly a pull at your heartstrings kind of story.  Mama chained to her dog house and puppies running around, not at all safe.  Rescuers were able to save three puppies, the others were not so lucky.

If you missed her rescue story, you can read by clicking this link.

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The good news . . . . Hope is thriving in a foster home where she is a part of a pack.  A pretty laid back pack of dogs.  Hope, well, she has a lot of puppy in her and would love to go to a home with a great wrestling partner.

Yep, Hope’s spirit is not broken!  She has lots of energy & spunk.  She is determined to be a puppy again.


Here is Hope with a portion of her pack.  Resident dogs, Shorty has taught Hope that playing fetch is the best game ever.  So, she will need a home with lots of tennis balls.  Newy, a TMHPR Alum has taught her that life in a home is pretty awesome.  He is a quiet, gentle soul who plays bite-face with Hope.


Hope loves a toy basket.  And she isn’t shy about emptying it.  As you can see her skin has lost that terrible red & inflamed look.  She does have Sarcoptic mange, which she is being treated for now AND a terrible case of round worms.  So, her medical bills are still piling up.


And yes, she has learned that she can relax in a home.  Curling up on the dog beds, couch or a comfy leather chair is the place to be.  The pads of her feet are still rough and scarred, but that too will soften and her body will be healthy again.


One of her most recent photos was taken on the patio of Fuzzy’s.  She was a wonderful patio dog.  She greeted people and helped share the TMHPR stories.  She wagged her tail and gave lots of kisses.  She is an amazing dog that is going to make a family very lucky.

If you would like to Foster to Adopt, we are taking applications for Mama Hope.  Now her babies . . . . well, they are ready for adoption!

The day after they came in to TMHPR, you would find Hope cuddling her babies.  No matter how tired or sick she was, there she was letting her pups know that it was all going to be, okay.

2016-06-16 13.18.44

From scared, flea & tick infested puppies, to gorgeous and confident puppies who know what it means to be loved.

2016-06-16 12.52.40

Babies Pax, Faith and Victor are all ready for adoption.
And they are GORGEOUS!!!

Faith Pax Collage Victor CollageHope & her puppies have come so far with the help of her rescuers, volunteers and fosters. And we can’t forget our donors.  Without your support, these tough medical saves from the streets would not be possible.  The medical care alone for the neglected animals is so very expensive.  Flea & tick medication, multiple worming medications, vaccinations & spay/neuters – it comes at a greater price.  But, it is so worth it.

Hope & her puppies are thriving because of you.  Those who share her story and the stories of all our dogs and cats.  You make a difference for TMHPR.  Thank you!

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