July 25th – You Made A Difference! – Thank You

Our donors and supporters continue to AMAZE us!
You truly Made A Difference in the lives of the TMHPR dogs & cats.Thank You Blog

Hanna is one of our fluffy pups who can’t wait for summer to be over.  She finds the heat utterly oppressive.  And can’t wait for cooler weather to find her.

But, she is truly thankful for all of the donations for her food bowl — and the food bowls of all her fellow canines and felines at TMHPR.  Here is a HUGE thank you to those who heard our need for food and stepped up to help.


Every bag, every can, every biscuit, every treat . . . . made a difference.


Windosr couldn’t stop smiling when he heard that all of these Nylabones came in for our puppies!  Did you know that we currently have 23 puppies??  Many of them are still too young to be made available for adoption.

But, they will be soon!


Marlee could hardly sit still for this photo with Victoria’s donation.  She loves humans and just wanted to be loved on by a donor who had just walked in the door!

TMHPR is 100% donor supported and volunteer run.  Our donors and supporters keep our doors open and many, many tummies fed.

Did you know that in July 2016 TMHPR surpassed 200 dogs & cats saved in 2016?  The only way to feed them is through donations.  And our supporters never let us down.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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