Jan. 9th: Puppies Will Make You Smile (Pupdate)


Saturday morning fun!

That is what weekends are all about.  (Well, unless you work in retail and then Saturdays can be a big bummer.)  But, if we are talking about weekends and puppies, then you can’t help but to smile!

First up . . . . Puppies!

Some are ready for adoption and some are just ready for pre-adoption.  But, what do they all have in common?  They are all SAFE with TMHPR!

Knock Out, Zyra & Bernard

Oh, the sight of snoozing puppies all in a row.  You just know there was quite the play session prior to this much needed nap.  On the left we have Knock Out.  In the center, sporting the EARS is Zyra and to the right is Bernard.  KO and Bernie come from the same litter and are currently ready for adoption.  Zyra, well, her Foster Mom has cared for her since she was 3 weeks old, so she is going to be a promoted to Resident Dog.


Rebel & Ransom

Rebel (left) and Ransom (right) are living in one of our newest Foster Homes.  We just love new fosters.  New fosters mean we can save more lives.
Rebel is a doll who has a real “go-getter” spirit.  Ransom is a cuddle bug who lets Rebel take the lead.  Rebel is available for adoption and Ransom will go on his Home Visit today!



Oscar was rescued by TMHPR just this week.
He is a 3 month old Jack Russell mix.  We were contacted by a Rescuer who had heard that he needed a Foster Home ASAP.  You see, Oscar’s sister had been fatally injured in the home and it was feared that Oscar would succumb to the same fate.
So, a number of Good Samaritans networked him all the way to TMHPR.
Oscar is now in a loving Foster Home where he is adored and safe.  Here he is taking his duties of Homework Monitor very seriously.
Oscar will be available for adoption very soon, after he has completely decompressed;
and all vetting has been completed.
Pre-adoption applications are being accepted at this time.

Allana, Ashton & Beck

Meet our newest puppies!!
Mama Allana captured our hearts when we saw her stray hold photo on the Dallas Animal Services website.  She is absolutely gorgeous!
We believe she is a Golden and Pyranese Mix.
When we went to pick her up, she was all smiles.
She knew this was the best day of her life, and the lives of her babies.
Introducing Beck.
This little guy is completely white, minus the freckle on his cheek.
We are estimating Allana’s boys are about a week old.
They have not opened their eyes yet, but make some of the sweetest sounds as they sleep.
Then, there is Ashton.
He too is all white, except for the black spot at the base of his tail.
(That would be on his other set of cheeks.)
Mama Allana is a fabulous mother.
She does not mind volunteers getting close to her babies and she is always smiling.
We would like to see Allana move to a foster home, as she is terribly thin.  We believe she will settle in nicely into a home, begin to eat and put on some weight.

We are hoping to have Allana vetted early next week.  If you would like to know more about fostering this family, please review the foster information on our website at www.takemehomepetrescue.com

South Dallas Street Dogs . . . Saved!
At the beginning of December, TMHPR had taken in several South Dallas Street dogs.  Ian was found running the streets during several days of rain.  A rescuer finally convinced sweet Ian to stop running and trust her enough to get in her car.
Gunner, who found a safe haven at a fire house, was picked up by a known local rescuer.  He had an 11 inch infected and gaping wound on the back of his neck.  This was as a result of either an embedded collar or a very heavy chain on his neck for a long period of time. 
And lastly, Flynn who was trapped by Good Samaritans around the Dowdy Ferry Road Area.  Yes, this is the area of Dallas that is seeing a terrible issue with the dumping of dogs in all sorts of conditions.  And none of them good!
Flynn had to learn to trust humans again and realize his new pack was his human family, not a pack of homeless dogs.  This took some time for him to adjust.
All three of these boys have found Forever Homes.  TMHPR is very lucky that these dogs were young enough and rather resilient mentally, so merging into life with humans was accomplished rather quickly.
But, saving animals from the streets comes at a higher price.  The medical bills for these boys are much greater due to additional blood tests to confirm status of health, heartworm treatment for Ian and surgery for Gunner.
This week TMHPR took in three more street dogs from the Dowdy Ferry Area.  This means our kennels are once again, FULL!  
TMHPR took in the two female dogs in the front of the photo.
Rosalie (closest to the camera) is about 6 months old and is VERY pregnant.
Her sister, Rylie is just behind her.
Both heeler mixes are now safe at TMHPR in our kennels decompressing.
The dog in the back, well he seems to have an owner.  One that lets him roam.  I will refrain from ranting.  It is Saturday, we are all smiles . . . no rants to ruin that.
Rosalie was celebrating Tongue Out Tuesday on a Monday.  She was joined in the Freedom Ride by sister Rylie and friend, Jordan.
Not sure if Jordan, Flynn or someone other male dog along the way will be the puppies’ Daddy.  Rosalie isn’t giving up who she believes to be the Daddy.
She and the boys of the pack, coming to an episode of Maury Povich soon.
Pack finally enjoying a warm and dry night at the Adoption Center.  They were so happy to have a safe place to sleep.  They have learned to walk on a leash rather well; however, are still a flight risk.  We are currently looking for foster homes for these dogs, as they need to learn how to live in a home, before moving on to their Forever Homes.  Vetting services have been scheduled for all three dogs.
So, as you can see, we have had a very busy week.  Seven new intakes and looks like we will end the week with approximately four home visits.  We are very hopeful that the home visits will go very well.  We hope to share all of that good news in our next Pupdate!
Until then, please continue to follow, like, share, re-tweet and whatever else you are able to do out there on the varied social media sights.  We are always trying to share the dogs and cats who are looking for Forever Homes.
If you are interested in finding out more about TMHPR, please visit our Website.  We are always welcoming new volunteers & fosters.




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