Jan 8th: Thank you, Tai


Roo & Tai

So often in the Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) blog, we have talked about the fabulous work of our resident “packs”.  These are the dogs in our fosters’ homes who welcome and teach a foster dog what it means to be in a loving home.

Well, today we want to honor a resident cat who raised many puppies for TMHPR in the last year.  Meet Tai.  

Tai & Tina

Tai was the Alpha kitty in her home.  At the age of 18, her family began fostering puppies for TMHPR.  And Tai loved it.  

Tai had a natural mothering instinct.  She taught puppies to respect felines, but also that cats were fun.  Adding “cat-friendly” to a puppy’s resume opens the doors for so many additional possible adoptive homes.

Tai, Riggs & Roo

We believe Tai’s motherly instinct came out of the loss of her own kittens.  As a homeless young kitty, Tai was brought into a vet clinic after being hit by a car.  She lost all of her babies on impact.  She was provided medical treatment and went home with an assistant at the clinic.  This would turn out to be her Forever Home for almost 19 years.

Tai mothered many of the dogs and cats that would come through the house.  It is just what she did.  And then she happily mothered the foster puppies that came through her home in the last year.  That mothering kept her alive much longer than anyone thought possible.

Tai & Tina


Roo snuggling and Tai never too far away

Even when the puppies were not directly in her charge, she was nearby.  She always knew that they were being cared for appropriately.  Should would have it no other way.

So today, we wish Tai’s family the best, as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Monday.  She could not leave until Roo & Riggs had gone on to their Forever Homes.

She leaves behind a wonderful family and a couple of furry brothers.  

Truman letting Riggs clean his ears.  I mean, why not?  If he offered. 
And Nathan, who is seen here chatting with his foster pup, Prince.

Thank you, Tai for all you did for our puppies.  And we know heaven gained another mother.  We know you are up there making sure all of our fur-babies who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge are acting as they should.


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