Jan 28th: TMHPR Pupdate

It is Friday Eve!!

Let’s celebrate the fact that the weekend is ALMOST here with some fabulous puppy pictures.

Dixon Says, “Hey There!”

Two wonderful volunteers took Dixon & Grimes to the vet yesterday.

Yep, we have a need for Taxi Volunteers.  Parents are experts at this .  . .

You drive the dogs to vet visits during the week.
It is the job you have been trained to do all of your parenting life.
Instead of kids arguing, whining or asking, “Are we there yet?”
you haul around cuties like this who will kiss you hello and will invite you
into their kennel for some cuddle time when your job is complete.


Knock Out
Our boy, Knock Out sure is getting big!
He is waiting patiently for that perfect home.


He doesn’t seem to mind.  His Foster Parents are way cool and love him dearly.
We just know that his Forever Home is right around the corner.
Harvey is loving all of the attention at Circle Star.
Word is that he is settling in and beginning to enjoy his time playing.

Oh, and clearly, he is loving the cuddles the most.


This gorgeous boy was found at a rural truck stop where he was begging for food.

He is a gentle giant (Lab/Dane mix).  He has the look of a Lab with long Dane legs.
And the heart of a Dane.  All love and lots and lots of leaning
on you to remind you he is there to love you.


Harvey working hard.  He is getting such a work out and loving his handlers.

Would you like to meet him?  You can do that while he is at Circle Star.
Bonus:   You get to see first hand what he is learning.

Harvey works hard, but he sleeps even harder.
Tamera doesn’t leave at night before tucking him in.  I mean look at that face!!

Could you tuck him in every night for the rest of his life?

Bernard & Ryder
And lastly, we give you brothers from another mother . . . and father.

Bernard & Ryder are now bunking in the same Foster Home & enjoying life so very much.
These boys would love a home that includes a four-legged brother or sister to wrestle with.

Maybe this week will be their week to find their Forever Home!

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