Jan. 26th: TMHPR Pupdate



Hello Tuesday!!!
Can you believe this is the last full week of January?
It is like we have looked up and it is almost Valentine’s Day.  Yes, men that was for your benefit!
Well, let’s introduce you to some of the new loves of our lives . . . .
Meet Nelson.  This super adorable pup came to us by way of Amarillo.
We just couldn’t leave this cutie with an uncertain future,
so we signed him up for the transport to Dallas.

Turns out he showed up with Kennel Cough.  That’s is no fun, but not life threatening.
So, he will be recovering for the next week or so.
But, that doesn’t stop him from smiling!

He will be looking for a Foster Home once his “puppy dog cold” has run its course.

Oh, look into those eyes!
Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  This boy has one blue and one brown eye.

Funny thing, his brother, Grimes, has just the opposite eyes.
It is like they were mixed up before birth.

Dixon has been waiting several months for his turn at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  He and his brother were dumped in Kemp, TX and left to fend for themselves.

(For those lacking East Texas geography, Kemp is well, in East Texas just off of 20, down a couple winding roads, near a golf course, couple abandoned barns,
a few cows and eventually you run into Kemp.  Go to far and you will miss it.)


  Some fabulous ranch hands scooted their fuzzy BE-hinds into the barn,
kept them fed
 and helped get them vetted.
Now that the cold of winter has hit, we moved them to the top
 of the list for rescue.

Grimes has a bit of something going on around his left eye;
however, we are certain that the vet can fix him up nicely.

Here is a shot of Grimes get a sudsy bath today at the Adoption Center.
Don’t you know that felt good!  These boys are so very sweet.
They have lots of energy, but walk fabulously on a leash.

They need a chance to know what it is like to live in a home.
This is a foreign concept to them.  So, a good pack teaching them the house
 rules will have them trained in no time!



A Pupdate wouldn’t be a true pupdate without an update on PUPPIES!!

Alana is in her Foster to Adopt home.  She is now known as Lola.
She is integrating well into the pack and she is going to have an AMAZING life.
And all because her story was shared.
You sharing our news helps our dogs find Forever Homes!
Look at these cuties!
She is still feeding the two little piglets, known as Ashton & Beck.
Before we know it, these babies will be weaned & ready for their own foster homes. 
Before we close today’s blog, we do need to share some sad news.  Leia’s brother, Luke, succumbed to the nasty virus they suffered with just yesterday. We took the time to be sad yesterday.
Today, we want to focus on the happiness that Luke & Leia experienced.  Because of our rescuers, volunteers, fosters and donors who made it possible that these puppies knew love.  They knew a loving touch, a warm bed, a roaring fire and the safety of a home.
Luke, we will miss your funny ways.  And Leia we will miss you loving spirit.  We know you are running and playing just over the Rainbow Bridge.
To find out more about the work we do at Take Me Home Pet Rescue, please visit our Facebook Page or other Social Media Pages.





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