Jan. 25, 2016 – Monday Meow

January is almost over, winter is finally heading our way (we think?), and our cats and kittens are all so happy for warm, dry places to call home while they await their forever homes. In this week’s Monday Meow we’re all about comfy cats and how grateful we are for our foster homes… ok maybe that is every week 😉

Oh no! Someone spilled a Trevor!


Ok, nobody worry. Trevor is OK, he just was busy being a kitten all day and, well, he accidentally feel asleep like this. Play hard and sleep hard, right?! We’d even like to point out that Trevor is nice and close to his foster home’s fireplace so as to keep his little belly warm. He is so luck to have a wonderful foster home where he will be loved and cared for until his forever home comes along to take him home.

If you’re not familiar with Trevor and his siblings, they’re about 7 months old and they came to TMHPR after living in horrible conditions (in a small animal carrier in a HOT back yard during the summer). After a rough start to life they are flourishing because of their foster home.

Check out more pics and info about Trevor here.

Janna’s Weight Loss Journey


Janna, our plump, sweet girl that has been living at the adoption center seems to be doing well in her weight loss journey. As anyone who has attempted to shed some pounds can attest, it’s not easy and she still has a long road ahead of her. When you think about it, her being overweight just means she has a good life! She’s overweight because she has so many people that love her (and have fed her treats!) and she doesn’t have to fend for herself out on the wild.
But because being overweight is not healthy for her, we’ve adjusted her diet and all cat team members have been asked to encourage her to play more often and for longer during each cat care shift. We’re hoping she can lose a few pounds and get closer to her post-kitten weight (that’s right, she had kittens a good while ago!).
The good news in all of this is that Janna likes feathery toys as you can see in the photo above! Her future family will be so lucky to have a friendly and playful young cat, and we can’t wait until the day comes that she finds this forever home.

Simba – New Kit On The Block


This fluffy and comfy kitten, Simba, made his Meet ‘N’ Greet debut this weekend. So far he is still on the market but we can’t expect him to last long with his good looks and charming personality. He’s about 4 months old and full of energy and playfulness, so we’re looking for a home that will enjoy his antics.

His foster mom has this to say about him: “Simba enjoys his toys and likes to look out the window at the birds and squirrels. He talks to them….actually he talks to everyone and has a very cute cat voice. He lets you know when he wants to be paid attention to, that’s for sure. It is completely adorable. He likes to be brushed and he loves, loves, loves to hang out on a lap or chest and cuddle….always purring and kneading.”

A big THANK YOU to his foster mom and dad for opening their home to multiple cats and kittens over the years! Check out Simba’s profile here for more info and pics of this handsome guy.

Kitten Watch

Annabelle is new to Take Me Home Pet Rescue, and in a few short weeks she will be giving birth to kittens. She’s a bit shy right now because of her past, but we have a bit of time to work with her to help her settle in before the new guys come along (or so we hope, you never know!).

Thank you to her wonderful foster mom, Nicole, for opening her home to this growing family! We’ll keep you all posted when kittens arrive… oh and good news: Annabelle’s foster mom is a photographer so we’ll be sure to get wonderful photos of the kittens!


Thanks, again, for reading our Monday Meow… it means so much to our cat team and to our cats that you are interested in what they are doing and telling the world about them. Have a great week… and just remember, you already made it through Monday. 🙂


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