Jan. 21st: TMHPR Pupdate


Oh, we have so much to share with you!

I mean so many days have passed and I kept thinking I would get another blog post written for Take Me Home Pet Rescue, alas I sit here on an early Thursday morning and realize the week is almost gone!

So, much like speed dating, which involves meeting, dating, making snap decisions and moving on to the next date all within the 2 minute time allotment.  I give you our Pupdate!!

No snap decisions please . . . . unless it is that snap decision to whip out the plastic, visit our website and click on the donate button.  I clearly recommend a donation to the FABULOUS cause of PUPPIES WHO NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

First up . . . 

New Intake, Rocky

Yes, those are Rocky’s ribs.  Those are his hips too.

Meet our little Miniature Pinscher, Rocky.
This guy is little in size, but Mighty in fight and spirit.

Found as a stray, this boy has been starving for some time.
We were told that he would not have made it through
the winter months, had he not been rescued.

He is simply skin and bones.
Visiting Dr. Neeman this week it was determined that he is about 2 years old
and about 5 lbs underweight.  He will need to gain weight, before he can be neutered.

Wonderful friend to TMHPR, Marlene agreed to take him for this week.
She helped us get him to the vet and monitored
him as he began eating regularly and meeting her pack.

He will be ready for a Foster Home at the end of the week.
If interested, please fill out a Foster Application on our website.

Next Up . . . 

Luke Skywalker
Okay, so this is too much cuteness in a PetSmart basket, hands down.

Luke Skywalker was one of the very sick pups rescued from the Red Oak
area in December.  He has recovered nicely; however, we are keep a close eye on him.  We just want to make sure that nasty virus is gone for good.

This week he had his booster shots and then enjoyed a trip to PetSmart
for a little socialization and maybe a toy or two.
Umm, and maybe some yummy treats.

I mean when you FINALLY kick a nasty virus, you really should be spoiled, right?
Well, we think so, anyway.

His “adorable-ness”, shows through in these photos.
Yes, I made up the word.
I mean that is the only word that can describe a creature with those ears!

Sadly, we must update you on Luke’s sister, Princess Leia.
Princess Leia* (updated)

Last night, Leia spent the night in the Emergency Room Vet for 24 hour care.
This sweet and lovable girl had taken a turn for the worse.
She was doing so well and then suddenly was fighting the nasty virus again.

Leia had pneumonia and the virus is attacking her liver.
We gave this little girl all the care we could.
Sadly, after the original blog was posted this morning, our sweet Leia lost her fight.
This sweet and snugg-able girl did not deserve the short life she had.


But, instead we will focus on the love she felt for the last 6 weeks.
Unconditional love from our volunteers and many fosters
 who gave her the care she needed.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.
Her stay in the Emergency Vet last night was expensive,
 but we know we did the best by her.

Update on Street Pups Jordan & Rylie!

Jordan decided on his own that he wanted to join the fun at Meet & Greet last Saturday.
Nope, no more kennel for Jordan.  He wanted out where the action was.
And check out the beauty that he was drawn to!
I mean selfies and all!

He mingled with visitors, volunteers and the other dogs.
We continue to be amazed at how quickly Jordan and Rylie
have come around to living a life with humans.

Credit must go to those who get them on the streets for months.
Having that human interaction was crucial as they were slowly socialized on the streets.  And our Volunteers did a wonderful job from there.


Jordan sends his love from his foster home.
Yep, his foster has truly fallen in love with this boy, within 24 hours.

He is a true joy to have in the home.  He is a laid back guy
who is learning the dog door, loves to smile really big and
loves to play with other dogs.  He is currently learning how to play with toys.

Jordan . . . .umm, just kick back and relax, dude.

No really, relax.
The Adoption Applications will begin rolling in and you will have a Forever Home.
Until that happens, just try to relax.
There . . . . that’s better.

I think you are getting this “I’m safe, well fed  and can just take a snooze while you folks work on finding a forever family, type thing.”

And sister, Rylie found herself in a wonderful foster home!
And most importantly, she is learning from a fabulous pack.

They taught her that the kitchen is where all the food magic happens!


These dogs were pack animals when they lived on the streets of South Dallas.
Rylie, Rosalie and Jordan all ran together and decided to be rescued together.
We are talking they were on the very unsafe street of Dowdy Ferry.

So, a pack is very important to these dogs.  It helps them feel safe and learn how to live a life as an indoor dog and trust the pack leaders, the humans who love & care for them.


We love our fosters because they love these beautiful animals.
Rylie has been spayed, is up to date on shots and is ready to meet potential adopters.

Both Rylie and Jordan will be at Meet & Greet on Saturday!
We welcome you to meet these gorgeous dogs!

Now just a few more updates.  I mean a lot has happened!
Stick with us kids!


Yep, that is our beautiful Farrah.
And that is within 15 minutes of being in her Foster-to-Adopt home.
Yep, that is allowed and she knew it.  Farrah is doing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in this home.

She will be spayed on Monday.  And has already made a trip to visit Great Grandma in Assisted Living.  She will make an amazing therapy dog, if her adopter so chooses.


Did we rescue little fat Polar Bear babies?
No, this little fat belly belongs to Ashton.

Good news!  Mama Allana has moved to a
Foster-to-Adopt home with her two babies, Ashton and Beck.
We are so thrilled that they have moved out of the Adoption Center and into a loving home.


Oscar has had an amazing couple of weeks in his foster home.
He has recovered nicely from the bump on his head and is ready to meet
his Forever Family.

This 3 month old Rat Terrier Mix will steal your heart!
Yes, he is a thief of hearts and the occasional toy.

Powerball Puppies

Rosalie’s tiny litter are all over a pound each now!
This chubby littles are growing fast and Mama is doing an amazing job!

One of our wonderful fosters is taking care of this family.  This is her first time to handle a Mama and her newborns.  And she is loving every minute of it.  Well, maybe not the additional laundry so much.

Lady (fka Paquita)
This former foster pup hung out for a weekend with her former foster mom.
Her forever family was traveling.
It is always fun to see our fosters again and see just how loved and well cared for they are.


Jax – Graduated Circle Star
This gorgeous and BIG GSD Mix has graduated from Circle Star training.
This big boy is as sweet as they come.
He is just BIG and had been raised for 10 months without any training.
Training . . . that is putting it nicely . . . basically without much interaction.
So, he was lucky enough to receive 30 days of training and he did fabulously!

He is now in a Foster Home and looking for a Forever Home.



Okay, so that was a lot of information.  But, some great updates and happy news.  Remember, you can always catch up with TMHPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website.  Here are some quick links to help you find us.





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