Jan 18: Libby & Her Friend Olive

Libby & Olive . . . . could be a children’s cartoon, about two dogs who become fast friends while they wait for their Forever Home.

Libby & Olive (1)



This is Libby.  She is posing to show you her toenails.  She had just returned from a spa day. trust us, she smells great and is beautiful!  We believe she is a Great Dane/Lab mix.  The girl knows how to lounge.  It is her specialty.


Pulled from a rural shelter with very little time left, you would not recognize her now.  She has gained the weight needed, her skin is healed and her eyes are no longer red and itchy from stress.  She is patiently waiting for her Forever Family to find her.


This is Olive.

She is new to Take Me Home Pet Rescue.  And she is new to Libby’s foster home.


Found out in the country, no chip, no tags and no one looking for her, a Good Samaritan began looking for a rescue.  Libby’s foster mom felt in her heart that she needed to help this “little girl”.


Fast Friends

Libby and Olive were fast friends.  It is amazing how many different dogs Libby has met, and all become her friend.  It was no different with young Olive.  Olive needed to be shown the ropes and learn what great fun you can have living in a house!


We sit on couches and pose a lot for our Foster Mom & Dad.  They love to take lots of photos of us, so we can find our Forever Families.  And we get to wear collars & tags, so we never get lost again.  Oh, and we go to the spa to get all pretty and smelling good.


The couch is also a good spot for wrestling.  We can jump on and off.  Roll on the floor, race around the room and then jump on again pretending the carpet is hot lava.  When we are tired, the couch makes for a fabulous napping spot.  The humans don’t care.  They just want us to be happy.


And this is my “I’m happy to be safe face!!”  (Olive)

Want to meet Libby or Olive?  They are two of our fabulous foster pets at Take Me Home Pet Rescue.  Click here to fill out an adoption application!

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