Jan. 15th: New Puppies!!!!

There is no better Pupdate than the announcement of new PUPPIES!!!

When we took in the latest pack of pups from South Dallas, it included sweet Rosalie.  And Rosalie was WAY pregnant!  I mean WAY!!

This sweet girl knew that she needed help.  So, she finally took her rescuers up on their offer to take her off the streets.  

And with her came her buddies, Jordan and Riley.  And they are three FABULOUS dogs!

But, THIS blog is all about Rosalie and her puppies.  More about Riley & Jordan later.  🙂

All looks good in there!
Doc believes she is only about 6 months old.
How many are in there Mama?
Elise confirmed, there were a lot of little spines in there.

So, Rosalie managed to hang in there for a full week, then she delivered those puppies . . . . at night . . . by herself . . . ALL 10 OF THEM!

And she did an AMAZING job!

All lined up ready for breakfast.

We had a wonderful foster who turned an extra room into a New Mother’s quiet home where she can relax and raise her babies in a home environment.

Rosalie enjoying the quiet of her room and the natural light.
She can easily find time to relax outside the pool, when she needs a break.

So, over the last few days we have confirmed that we have an even split . . . . 5 boys and 5 girls.  We have some wonderful volunteers who are going over on a daily basis to help our foster weigh and measure the crew. 

Charting these measurements becomes most important with a litter of pups this large.  Mama only has eight serving stations at the dinner table, so making sure some of those less aggressive get their meal is of utmost importance.

So what are their names?

Well, we named them in honor of the record breaking Powerball Lottery that was played this week.

Boys:  Rich, Franc, Chance, Abe & Cash
Girls:   Benni, Lolli, Euro, Lira & Penny

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