Jan. 13th: Snoozing Pupdate

Yesterday, we shared with you so many smiley puppies.  
Today, we want to highlight when those pups are not only cute, but are comfortable and trust their environment.

When a new dog comes into the care of Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) there is a period in which they “decompress”.  They begin to realize that they are safe, loved and can begin to relax.  Food is provided in regular intervals and the human contact is on a “as they feel comfortable” basis.

So seeing them sleep soundly . . . makes us all smile and sigh a big sigh of relief.  They know they are going to be “okay”.

Some of our most recent snoozers . . .   z z z z z z


Fitzroy plays hard and snoozes even harder.
He has always loved to sleep over the back of the chair.
This typically occurs when he is watching someone cook in the kitchen.
Fitzroy is a boy living with some anxiety issues.

He is looking for a wonderful Forever Home who will work with his anxieties.


Picasso loves a good chair to nap in.
Oh, who are we kidding, Picasso will nap just about anywhere.
He loves a big couch, his big dog bed or the floor.
He is not picky, as long as he is near his people.

Picasso will be having his heart surgery soon!
The surgery will help him live a full and happy life.


Remember Farrah?  She is our newest intake at the Adoption Center.
She was in the video smiling for our volunteers, just after her rescue.
Here she is decompressing with one of our fabulous volunteers.
She loves to cuddle and is just a sweetheart.
How anyone left her behind, we will never know.


Oscar loves a good nap.
He has decompressed in a wonderful foster home.
He will be ready for adoption very soon.
At 3 months old, we don’t think this Jack Russell Mix will be available for too long.
He has captured the hearts of all the volunteers,
so finding his Forever Family should be a breeze.


Kiera is a busy, busy girl.
She is a gorgeous and very smart German Shepherd/Husky Mix.  She is amazing at solving her dog puzzles and has progressed with her training, so quickly.
She needs an active home who will love her forever.


So, technically he isn’t asleep, but he is not far from it.
Copper wants you to know that he knows how to relax.
He is looking for a family who will curl up with him at the end of the day.
He loves a roaring fire, binging on Netflix and will even watch
a good Chick Flick, if that is what you want.

At 8 months old, this boy had been banished to the backyard.
We can’t figure out why.
He has amazing “in home” manners, house trained and does not shed.


Pauli is a gorgeous brindle-footed girl.
She is about 6 months old and has flourished in her foster home.
She loves to play and will want a four-legged sibling
to run and wrestle with in her Forever Home.

Oh, and she loves to nap.  She is not particular as to where.
See her human’s bed works nicely.  Feet on the pillow, just slightly elevated.

We have so many wonderful dogs looking for Forever Homes.  And we have wonderful Fosters who provide them the love, training and, most importantly, the time they need to find their Forever Home.  If you want to know more about fostering for TMHPR, please visit our website.

Want to see more photos of our dogs & cats?  Here are a few links to help you see more cuteness!




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