Jan. 12th: Happy Happy Pupdate!

Who loves a Happy Pupdate!

Well, here is a Happy Pupdate for all of those looking for a little pick me up during the middle of the work week.  I mean you can’t keep frowning when you see this many puppies smiling back at you!

Brother Luke Skywalker (top) and sister Princess Leia (lower) are finally feeling better.
Luke & Leia were taken into the TMHPR program around the 2nd week in December, just before the “force awoke”.
They had fallen ill while living outside in the cold, wet weather.  Their main source of food was trash from the dumping site.  
Unwanted and unloved these kids (about 6 months old) were rescued by a Good Samaritan, but still outside in the wet conditions.  
Finally well enough to just venture outside of the Adoption Center after Christmas.
They came down with a nasty viral infection that has had to run its course with cold like symptoms and a high fever.  We have an amazing foster who is caring for these babies.  They are on major medication.
Leia finally feeling better in her foster home.
Finally smiling, they will be ready for their own foster homes in about a week and a half.  They are going to make amazing additions to Forever Families!
Oscar is also smiling!
Oscar has been enjoying time in his foster home.

Oscar has been loving life in a loving foster home.  We have not seen a single photo where his sweet little legs have even hit the floor!

This boy has been recovering from a very stressful and abusive home.  He is a 3 month old Jack Russell Mix who is ready to be loved and cared for by a Forever Family.  He will make his Meet & Greet debut this Saturday!

Isaac is sending a smile your way!

Isaac has been recovering from his own cold this last week.  Poor guy, just couldn’t escape the Sulphur Springs Animal Shelter without a bug taking the trip to Dallas with him.  

He wants you to know that he is feeling better; and has one of his favorite balls in bed with him.  This boy will need a Forever Family who loves to be outside throwing a ball.  This amazing dog loves to play and loves his people even more.

Now, for our final smile of the day . . . . 

You don’t want to miss this one . . . . 

It is the best smile yet . . . . 

Farrah . . . . 

Rescued by TMHPR on Sunday.  Her “owner” (I will call him that, rather than the many explicatives that I have typed and then deleted.  The blog should remain PG-13.) moved, leaving 15 dogs in the house and yard.

Yep, we called them that name too.  And that other foul mouthed name you are thinking as well, covered it.

Well, this beauty was so excited to be safe and warm that she gave a huge smile for the volunteers.

Watch until the end. Trust me.

We continue to be amazed at how grateful and loving the dogs off the streets, and from horrible situations can still love humans.  No matter the abuse, the bone chilling cold or the illnesses, the smiles are there and they melt our heart.

For more about TMHPR and the animals we work to rescue, rehabilitate, care for and place for adoption, please visit our website, Instagram Account and Facebook Page.  Oh, and Follow us on Twitter.  We tweet!





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