Jan 12: Not Talking Cowboys; Talking Catahoulas

We just have to brag on these two Dowdy Ferry dogs, Elliott and Haley.
(Yep, we love our Dallas Cowboys, but we are talking Dowdy Ferry Catahoulas, this time.)

Haley & Elliott

As several of our volunteers traveled through Dowdy Ferry a couple of months ago, this brother and sister pair were found playing the in the street on a very dangerous curve.


We stopped and learned that Elliott, who was simply, “the brother” was more trusting and would let you pet him, if you moved slowly.


Haley, or “the sister” was much more skittish and we knew that if not caught and shown love by a human soon, then she would forever be lost as “feral”.


TMHPR wanted to help; however, we were slammed and had no where to keep them, so we could work with them. So a wonderful man who lives on that curve befriended them, gaining their trust enough to capture them in his securely fenced yard.


Goal #1 met:  Keep them Alive!


He fed them and cared for them until we could squeeze them into our rescue. This guardian angel kept them fed and warm during a terrible cold snap in December.  They owe them their lives.16002861_10210184111793581_321945992939801730_n

Look at the photos to see the progression from beginning to now!!  After one week of living at the Adoption Center, having fabulous volunteers love on them, volunteers invite them to play in their yards . . . . they have come so far.


We are so very proud of these two!

Elliott & Haley both need fosters or adopters. They are currently living in our Adoption Center and getting tons of one on one attention from a variety of volunteers.  But, living in a home, with normal every day sounds is truly their next step in learning how to live a life to the fullest.


Elliott will be neutered on Monday and Haley spayed on Wednesday. We would love for them to be able to recover in a home environment where they can begin to adjust to the good life.

They both would be happy with someone who is home more than not.


For Elliott, another dog is ok but he prefers submissive females over males. Older kids are fine too.  He really loves the company of his humans.  You can see it in his smile!

Haley is more of a social butterfly who seems to love other dogs. She enjoys watching and learning from them. Older kids are fine too.


Please visit our website regarding more information about adoption or fostering.  We CANNOT wait to see these two in the forever homes they deserve!

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