Jan. 11, 2016 – Monday Meow

We’re back with our Monday Meow and this week we have… ok well every week we have cute adorable kittens and cats that are looking for their forever homes or are stopping by to say hello from their happy homes. Enjoy and share… thanks!

New Kitten Simba Stops By to Say Hello!


Why, hello from the Christmas tree! Simba is my name and I heard that the nice people at Take Me Home Pet Rescue are going to help me find a furrrrrrever home! I really need a home of my own because every kitten should have a home and a family to call their very own.

Here’s a video my foster mom took of me after settling into her home. I looooove to be covered up in blankets and you can usually hear me purring and see me “making biscuits” too! Make sure to turn up the volume on your computer so you can really hear me good… I promise it’s super cute!

Remember Hannah?


Hannah’s mom recently sent us this photo and said that she loves to lay in the window and “squirrel” all morning and then sunbathe in the afternoon. She reminds us so much of her mom, Janna. And doesn’t she have the cutest pink nose? This is why we do what we do from fostering to volunteering to fundraising… we want them all to be this happy in this good of a home!

Sammy & Denny Having A Good Time


Vinny was adopted a little while back, and for a while Sammy and Denny moped as they coped with losing their brother to his forever home. Well now, Sammy and Denny are on the mend and here you can see them romping around in their foster home. Sometimes they play so fast that it’s hard sometimes for their foster mom to capture videos of them!

We hope that these two have forever homes of their own soon… come meet them at Meet ‘N’ Greet sometime and you’ll see how special they truly are.

Sebastian Update


Here’s a photo of Sebastian on his last night in his temporary foster home where he stayed while he waited for a more permanent foster to open their doors to him.

Here’s Sebastian in an update from his new foster home! Here’s what his foster mom had to stay: “He is adjusting quite well. He can roam freely when someone is home. Very little hissing now. Will send some pics later. Also, I opened all the blinds for him…some were not open enough and he let me know…had to be open so he could stretch tall! You can tell who’s going to be the boss around here.”

Were so happy for Sebastian and can’t wait to hear further updates from his foster mom. Just another case where this saying is true… Fostering Saves Lives!


Too Cute For Words


Ok, we know, you have never seen something SO adorable in your life! Loki is such a sweet momma cat and precious little Freya is so gentle and sweet to her mom. You can almost hear Freya purring by looking at the photo, can’t you?

Thank you for reading our Monday Meow, our cats and cat team appreciate it!
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