It’s Sunday Funday!!!

Sundays are the best when it is a Sunday Funday!!  So we are going to use the blog on Sundays to take a look back at the week to share what our available dogs and cats did during the week.

We want to provide the Friends of Take Me Home Pet Rescue some insight into the lives our fabulous fosters live while they wait for their forever home.  

Above is a photo of Max.  Max is an even-tempermented, friendly, and spirited Border Collie/Saint Bernard mix. After attending Meet & Greet on Saturday, his foster Mom, Nicole, treated him to a trip to the dog park.


Max was such a gentleman during the Meet & Greet.  He survived in a room with a bunch of “ankle-biters” and was not phased by the puppies at all.  So, he went and had some fun running the trails and taking a cool dip in the lake.  What a beautiful boy!

Rudy was out and about this week.  He has only had one round of shots, so walking in public areas is not allowed just yet.  So, he chooses to cruise the local Lowe’s in search of lots of hugs and kisses from the employees & customers.


Rudy also stopped by the Adoption Center on Friday for a photo shoot to update his online pics.  He also offered a helping paw to Liz as the copier was not cooperating.
Below are two sisters who spent most of the week sunning in their very own cat room at our volunteer’s home.  You should see the accommodations that Carolyn provides these two!  Lydia and Gracie spend the day together lounging, playing and sunning as they wait for a forever home where they can be together.

The dog park was a popular place to be yesterday.  This is Nutmeg, now “Meg” who had her final adoption papers signed and sealed yesterday.  YAY!!!  Congratulations, MEG!!

She is Mama to the “Spice Rack”.  This was her first trip to the dog park, so she was taking it all in and her brother Max was showing her the ropes.  Meg has found a perfect forever home off of the streets!

Below is Willie.  This flat-coat retriever mix met a new friend this week.  He was right by this turtle’s side as the aquarium was cleaned.  Willie found the little guy to be intriguing; however, nothing that smelled like dinner.

We will end our Sunday Funday with our little guy, Wags.  This sweet boy has had a horrible start to life, but he was able to forget that life as he learned that dogs can be great friends and playing buddies.  Here he is enjoying the sunshine with some new friends.  (He is the Yorkie/Terrier Mix looking at the camera.)
You can read more about sweet Wags here on Mary Hunter’s training blog.   His successes in the last few weeks are something to be celebrated!  Texas Animal Training Blog

Our foster dogs and cats had a fabulous week with some great Texas weather.  We look forward to another week of adventures and celebrations!  

What fun did you and your four-legged family members have this week?
Agility Training, Puppy Training Classes, a Dip in the Pool?

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Check back tomorrow for more information about the animals available for adoption through Take Me Home Pet Rescue.  Or visit our website for information about our organization.


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